What is the movie “Bag Without a Bottom” about?

The second name of this film is “Bottomless Bag” and it was directed by Rustam Khamdamov. This film was shot based on the story of Ryunosuke Akutagawa “In the thicket”, which depicts the events of the 13th century. Fabulous people-mushrooms live in the forest, they find the dead Tsarevich. After that, the viewer also meets the Rogue, who tells about how he met this same Tsarevich together with the Princess in the forest, killed him, and took her to himself. Further, the main characters argue about whether the missing Princess will drown or not. In general, the plot is like a fairy tale.

The premiere took place in 2017, and two time periods met in the film – Ancient Russia and the era of Alexander’s reign. This technique was not in vain invented by the director: everything is done so that the viewer is as deeply imbued with the atmosphere as possible, compares two time periods and reminds himself of their historical features. By the way, everything in this film is saturated with contradictions. Small huts stand next to rich palaces, simplicity with the luxury of these same palaces, and the truth stands next to lies.

To understand why this film was made and what its meaning is, you do not need to try to understand it. The director used a lot of details in it, which from the very beginning will either reject the viewer from viewing, or will drag on so that you don’t understand when the film is over. So he tried to portray his inner world, and the inner world of a stranger to us can not immediately be understood even in the slightest part. It takes a very long time to unravel a person. So it is with the film – to understand why it was made, it may be necessary to review it several times in a row. This is for the best – the more times you watch the film, the more important details you notice in it and rethink its essence.

The film was shot in black and white, and for good reason. The director deliberately came up with such a technique so that the viewer himself could fantasize and in his imagination paint the picture that he sees on the screen. Also, the color will not distract the viewer from accepting the emotions of the characters, their sincere experiences – the one who watches the film will be able to understand what all the characters of this film carry inside themselves.

One story is told from the mouths of different characters. To understand who is telling the truth or lying, the viewer needs to carefully analyze everything that has been done and said: only in this way can he draw a conclusion from this film. Everything that the viewer feels while watching is taken into account: experiences, own emotions, memories. A person has his own associations with each character, and since the characters of the film are taken from Russian fairy tales, it is likely that the viewer will be imbued with this film and remind himself of his favorite fairy tales. This is a return to the past and an analysis of everything that happened, because a person will also remember situations in which he recognized these characters.

The film is pure psychology for the viewer, because after watching it, he can transfer the actions and words of the characters to himself or his loved ones. He will begin to think about how he would act in this or that situation, what he would say and how he would react. Therefore, the film is recommended for viewing by people who do not like simple plots with a romantic ending, in which everyone is happy and everyone smiles. Here you need to analyze, think, try a little to guess and predict the future.

The film became recognizable and received a lot of awards in various categories: for the best work of a cinematographer, for the excellent work of a cameraman, for the main female role, for the best supporting actress, for the best work of an artist. The film received a lot of attention and reviews: a lot of people spoke positively about the film, and some viewers did not find something worthwhile in it. Each viewer has his own – only he chooses what to watch and how to build his worldview. Whether this film will become a classic of cinema or not, time will tell, but the main thing is that some people were still able to fully experience the inner world of the screenwriter and director. This is the best gratitude when your work is felt in the same way as you do it. Therefore, try to watch this movie – what if this is something that will pull you in with your head?

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