What is the meaning of the series “Running Snails” 2022

The action of the series takes place in two planes and realities. The main character of the series is Marina, who actively cooperates in a crisis teenage center. She helps those who find themselves in a difficult life situation. From a heavy load and accumulated fatigue, the girl has a stroke. The girl’s brain is slowly recovering, she begins to have memory lapses. Marina is rapidly losing her memory and begins to write everything that happens in her diary.

Every day the situation worsens – during the day she remembers everything, and when she wakes up in the morning, she forgets yesterday. Marina is trying to find and help her ward Lera, but she does not remember what happened to the girl. Marina’s husband Andrey is engaged in the study of human memory in order to help his wife – he uses the latest development. Marina starts taking a remedy based on snail venom.

After that, the world around Marina changes – she finds herself in a parallel universe in the role of a journalist who is investigating the rape of the girl Polina. In this universe, Marina acts bold and confident and androgynous. There are many secrets and mysteries in her life, dangerous investigations and upheavals await Marina, in which influential personalities are involved.

The main idea of ​​the series is the impunity and rigidity of the modern world. Destructive sense of guilt for committed actions and violence. Sometimes a child’s mental trauma that was not noticed, not worked out, can contribute to serious changes in the psyche and consciousness. Even the most quiet and calm, good-natured person can turn out to be a monster, a tough killer and a merciless maniac. It happens that a person grows up, lives correctly and righteously. He himself does not expect and does not expect from himself any horrific deeds. Mind games, an unhealthy psyche can play a cruel joke even with the kindest and most outstanding person. There are many people with mental disabilities in the universe, it is a pity that it is not immediately possible to see this.

After watching, it becomes scary for the children and their future. The film shows the problem of women’s violence, also shows a lesbian line. Vulgar male fantasies about sex between women, multiple suffering of heroines – all this can be seen by the viewer by watching the series. The unique key of the series is the image of a snail. Twisted plot and slow pace of presentation. In Orthodoxy, the snail shell symbolizes lust and dirt. All this is present in the series. The twisted snail shell symbolizes the mystical labyrinth of the human brain, in which it is difficult for Marina to reach the hidden corners of memory.

Two realities bring a slow-paced storyline to life. The thriller consists of eight episodes. Intricate, interesting storyline, emotionally heavy story. The film is shot in fragments and inserts, the fantastic play of the actors keeps the viewer’s attention. The intrigue keeps the viewer in suspense until the last episode. The psychological crime series was released on January 19, 2022. The main roles were played by Daria Ursulyak and Lyubov Tolkalina. The film was shot by director Stas Ivanov. The film is recommended for viewing by fans of detectives and thrillers.

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