What is the meaning of the movie “Sweet Woman”

Sweet Woman is a Soviet film about the life of a candy factory worker. The main role was played by the wonderful actress Natalya Gundareva, and one of her men was played by Oleg Yankovsky. The film was aired in 1976, and is still considered to be one of the most mysterious romances in Soviet cinema. By today’s standards, this film is quite chaste, with many viewers, especially women, finding the film to be tough. They empathize with the main character, the woman was voluptuous, luxurious, but all her men were extremely strange.

Anna, after she left the village, began working at a confectionery factory, she knows that she is successful with men, and due to this she wants to achieve something in life. Acquaintance with a naive medical student develops rapidly, she develops an intimate relationship with him, but after becoming pregnant, she decides to keep the child in order to get a separate living space. She does not care about anyone but herself, while she is not even going to marry a student. She leaves the child, as the grandparents are quite intelligent. The heroine begins to seek her happiness. Anna has always said that her fellow villagers do not care about the problems of others, but the film makes it clear that it is she who is not interested in the problems of other people.

She is not interested in what others are striving for, her whole life is full of only her desires. She treats her son very badly, she does not pay attention to him, does not give her warmth. She marries a lonely disabled person who even offers to adopt her son Yuri, while it is he who finds a common language with his stepson, because before that he lacked attention from his mother.

Anna is only interested in the front-line merits of her husband, because in this way it becomes possible to beat out vouchers, apartments. She cares only about her own benefits, she wants to get new furniture without a queue. Nikolai was disappointed in her, but he treated his stepson well, sent him to the Nakhimov School, the boy always dreamed of the sea. As a result, the new husband leaves her, but at the same time she herself is sure that he left her because of another woman. In fact, Nikolai was tired of her soulless character, emptiness.

Her mother is dying because her daughter was not interested in her condition, and when she was ill, she did not take her to her. She did not even want her mother to see her grandson goodbye. All she cares about is how to quickly sell the house and things. At that moment, she realized that she was left alone, but Tikhon met on her way.

The new boyfriend, seeing what a furnished apartment she lives in, decides that he cannot live with her, because she is used to wealth. In addition, she looks very annoying. The son is offended by his mother, he understands that he has no place in her life, she never waits for him and he just leaves her. The heroine is trying to improve relations with Tikhon, but when she sees where he lives, she understands that it is best to take him to her place, but Tikhon himself is convinced that his lady is still completely empty, unsuitable for him, she is soulless, selfish. Despite the appearance of a sweet woman, a petty-bourgeois character is hidden inside.

Over the years, she has everything – an apartment, a job, she lives quite well, but she does not have family happiness. Even her son turned away from her. All her men realized that this woman simply made them sick, like sweets eaten in large quantities. Anna is a special type of people who are called consumers. The authors try to explain that she became like this because of the upbringing of her mother, she had a difficult childhood in the countryside, she became hardened towards people, but all this happened because of the wrong way of life. She always tried to get from people only what she needed, completely without thinking about other people, about their feelings, she did not think about her future life either.

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