What is the meaning of the movie “Not a Perfect Man”

The genre of this film could be described as a witty comedy with elements of fantasy and melodrama. It was shot by the popular and extraordinary director and screenwriter Marius Weisberg. He graduated from VGIK, then continued his education in Southern California. Critics call him the author of Russian parody series. Opinions about his work are always different. In their reviews, viewers often give him a negative assessment. But this is normal for a creative person. Someone admires you, and someone is terribly annoyed by your creativity. The director is not distracted by reviews and shoots one picture every year. January 16, 2020 was a significant event in the life of Weisberg. The new film “Not a Perfect Man” has hit theaters. It is not quite usual for Russian cinema. You can hardly find a similar picture. And it is focused primarily on the female audience.

For the main role of the ideal man, the director invited the popular musician and singer Yegor Creed. Unexpected and risky. What was the reason for such a decision? The director himself explained this by saying that he wanted to see a new non-standard fresh face. After watching the clips and interviews with the musician, Marius chose him. But Yegor’s hero turned out to be pleasant and textured. Together with Yulia Alexandrova, they made a harmonious couple. This actress has a good filmography. Repeatedly starred in comedy projects x. In 2017 in the comedy “Bitter!” she played the main role of the bride. This film became the most profitable in the Russian film distribution.

What is ‘Not the Perfect Man’ about?

This is a story of unusual love between a robot and a girl. Everything happens in the near future. The presence of androids in everyday life does not surprise anyone. And even in appearance they are no different from ordinary people. But they perfectly feel a person and react to his character, to his weaknesses and habits. There are many films about the relationship between a robot and a person. You can recall the paintings “Terminator”, “I am a robot”, “Artificial intelligence”. In this film, this theme is revealed in a very romantic and exciting way.

The main character Svetlana (played by Yulia Alexandrova) does not have a relationship with young people. She constantly adapts to them, closes her eyes to betrayal, suffers humiliation. She was tired of being constantly disappointed. And, once again, having quarreled with her boyfriend, Svetlana leaves her previous job in a car dealership. She goes to work for a company that sells humanoid robots. As a young specialist, she is sent to a warehouse to dismantle such an unusual product. It doesn’t take long for her to get into the situation. Androids do their job very well. They speak Russian and know what they have to do. There are only a few of them: a fashion model, a fitness instructor, a chef, and a youth model. He then found a technical failure. A defective android with a strange error 102 cannot be fixed even by the creators themselves. They want to return it to the manufacturer. But the girl is already in love with him. But we understand that this is not the case. Or does it happen? He is smart, attentive, caring. She takes a technical defect for a manifestation of personality. And asks to sell it to her. The situation develops in the most unexpected way. But there is romance. We are worried about the characters, we are very interested in what will happen in the end. The plot is original and filled with unpredictable events. It grabs and holds you until the end of the movie and doesn’t let go. You never know what will happen the next minute. There is where to worry, what to grieve about. And plenty of moments where you can kindly smile.

The duet of Creed and Alexandrov is harmonious. They look great together. They sparkle, there is “chemistry” between them, emotions go wild.


Music is harmoniously woven into the plot, adding romance to the film. Melodies are pleasant and unobtrusive. This is a rarity in today’s times.

The meaning of the film’s ending

The film touches on an important topic in the relationship between a man and a woman. The script is unusual. For the first time, artificial intelligence was not hostile to humans. He became, unexpectedly for everyone, a close friend, a loved one. Can real feelings and emotions be born in an electronic medium? Can a robot have feelings, can he dream?

Will the time come when robots will be more human than us? And will they be able to replace us with love, friendship, human relations? Despite all the lightness and comedy, the film raises difficult questions. There is something to think about.

Appreciate every moment of life. Talk about your feelings to your loved ones. Do not be shy. No robot can replace, for real, human relations. Go to the cinema, watch good films.

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