What is the meaning of the movie “Lie to me the truth”?

Lie to Me the Truth is a 2021 Russian film directed by Olga Akatieva, declared in the genre of an erotic psychological thriller, which is not yet a well-worn path for Russian cinema. At the box office, the picture earned 570 thousand dollars, which is about 10 times less than the sensational “50 Shades of Grey”. But for novice screenwriters and for the director, this is still a success.

The plot is pretty primitive. A young couple comes to rest in a country house to spend time in solitude and enjoying each other away from the bustle of the city. An erotic motif is present throughout the film. Everything seems to be fine, the couple has known each other for half a year, the guy is so in love that already at this stage of the relationship he is ready to propose to his girlfriend, although, as it turns out, he does not know anything about her at all. The unexpected appearance of the Younger Sister and the Former Lover puts the lovers’ vanilla relationship in jeopardy. Moreover, it is quite enough for the director to do without names for the characters in the film, and the heroine of Darya Melnikova is pathetically called the Elder, on whom all the intrigue is tied, her sister is the Younger, the possible groom is simply the Guy and the hero of Priluchny is named quite expectedly – the Former. Perhaps Olga Akatyeva wanted to show the totality of images that we encounter in our lives. The image of the characters is not spelled out, as well as their characters, so you can take this as the director’s claim to be archetypal.

The spirit of the psychological thriller is that the characters are isolated from the whole world and the action takes place in the cottage and surrounding areas. This, in a figurative sense, tells the viewer that all the people who find themselves here are, to one degree or another, hostages of the situation, their way of life, their thoughts. All characters are interconnected with each other. The action takes place abstractly, it is not known in what year or period of time. The heroes of the film are busy only with gluttony, drinking wine, intimate affairs and intrigues that unite them all. At first it is difficult to recognize the link that binds them all together.

Gradually, the scenery characteristic of a thriller is replaced by a melodrama. Scribbled dialogue prevents a thriller about a vicious, unhealthy relationship between a man and a woman from taking over. Too pompous clichéd words slow down the development of events, which are already developing extremely melancholy. And the climax comes very abruptly and the viewer is not warmed up to it properly.

It is very difficult to understand for what age category this film was made, because adults will be horrified by the absurdity of sex scenes and dialogues, and little girls cannot watch this because of the age rating of 18+. Actors overact from the very beginning and try to build images of themselves that have been burnt out by life. It is especially difficult to perceive Daria Melnikova, who played Zhenya Vasnetsova in the famous TV series “Daddy’s Daughters”. The role of the role of Daddy’s daughter made her a hostage to the image of the well-known rebel Vasnetsova. This is something like a scandal with actor Daniel Radcliffe, who first played the role of Harry Potter, and then starred nude in another project. It’s hard not to associate the actor with his most popular role.

One of the meanings of the film “Lie to me the truth” is voiced to us by the main character herself: permissiveness, wealth and satiety with blessings. Such a person can no longer find joy for himself in all this, nothing inspires him and does not bring satisfaction. Therefore, he begins to look for entertainment for his mind in something else – in intricate intrigues, into which, like flies in a web, innocent people fall into and become victims of such wretched situations. Although the heroine understands that such leisure will not end well one day and makes an attempt to abandon her mercantile ambitions, she is unable to control herself and, despite a sudden conscientious impulse, nevertheless returns to the old ways to enjoy life and so desired adrenaline. In general, this condition resembles people who, due to habit, cannot give up smoking, alcohol or drugs. Only a few can escape from this captivity, but the heroine of the film “Lie to me the truth” could not be among them.

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