What is the meaning of the film Live Bykov

The film of the young director Yuri Bykov “To Live” resembles a parable … An ordinary man on his “penny”, with his dog, comes to hunt ducks with a double-barreled shotgun. Suddenly, someone runs out of the forest to him, followed by three men with weapons. The hunt is interrupted – the fugitive forces the hunter to urgently reel in the fishing rods, forgetting the dog in the forest. The persecutors are more than serious – they shoot at the car, the windows are broken, miraculously no one is injured. Obviously, the guy is going to finish off. Now the life of Mikhail – that’s the name of the hunter – is also in danger.

But then the car gets stuck in the mud and then these two have to go on foot. On the way, the fugitives involuntarily started talking – the guy is extremely untalkative and emphatically cynical. Mikhail, on the contrary, is trying to find out at least something about a new acquaintance and about what is behind his soul. But the stranger is clearly unwilling to turn his soul inside out. He has one answer to everything, albeit in different words: if you want to live, you will do anything!

Michael, on the contrary, speaks with pleasure about his family, about the desire for a right life, faith in God. And he loves his dog. But, by the way, she found the owner, how much joy! However, not only the dog followed the trail, but also the terrible trinity of killers. And then it becomes clear that the barking of dogs will give them away. The stranger demands that Mikhail deal with the dog, Mikhail refuses, and then the guy strangles the dog himself with a belt. This scene in the film seems unbearable to many, much more inhuman than anything that happens next.

So, we see how a simple and good man Michael becomes a victim of some evil criminal, without a soul and conscience. But not everything is so simple … Further in front of them is a river, on the other side of which there is a fisherman with a car. The fugitive asks to transport them, the fisherman is justifiably afraid. Then the stranger demands from Mikhail to take the fisherman at gunpoint while he swims across the river and takes away the keys to the car. Mikhail does not have the courage to shoot when the fisherman is rapidly leaving. Further, the paths of the fugitives diverge. A stranger goes alone to a fur farm with an abandoned house. There he is overtaken by his pursuers, but he manages to overcome one of them and draw his weapon.

But the pursuers also have a trump card – they bring out Mikhail, whom they managed to capture. Now the fugitive is faced with a choice – to escape alone in the car of these three or to rescue Mikhail? He chooses the second, does not abandon the hunter. Only then does he decide to tell him his name – Andrei. And so they are driven by their pursuers into a destroyed barn, where Andrei has a seizure. They are doomed… And then Michael begs his pursuers to spare him, he wants to live so much. Well, he is given a chance to survive, but at what cost…

What is the meaning of the film Live Bykov

The unusually deep and action-packed script of the film “To Live”, the author of which is the director Bykov himself, as if reveals to us the whole nature, the whole essence of man. At the beginning of the film, we see a good, good-natured man, Mikhail, who even apologizes to his dog. Andrew is not like that at all. He often says terrible, cynical things and scares us with his whole appearance – a typical scumbag, nonhuman from the 90s. Michael is a believer, God-fearing and positive. Andrei has neither God nor hope in his soul. He constantly repeats to Mikhail that he will kill him if necessary. Because the one who wants to live will do anything.

And now an action unfolds before us, which tests everyone for strength and authenticity, changing the characters in places by the end of the picture. Are you really as good as you think you are? Maybe you just never faced death and a real choice – when is it either you or you? How many people in the world sincerely consider themselves good only because they have never smelled gunpowder and have never passed real tests, worse than university exams.

No wonder the grandfather appears in the final scenes, a hopeless drunk who symbolizes the voice of conscience in this bloody mess. He asks everyone – both pursuers and fugitives – why all this? Why shooting, disassembly, rigidity? Look around – so everything is destroyed, everything is lost and perished in the country. But grandfather was finished off so that he would calm down and not interfere.

The director Yuri Bykov himself in an interview unequivocally said that the moral choice facing Mikhail was simple and clear: there was no need to kill a man in a barn, even if he strangled your dog and he is a stranger to you. If each of us remembered humanity and duty to our neighbor, we would get another country. What is each of us ready to do for a stranger? Bykov warns us: do not turn up your nose, do not think that you are good. You don’t know what you are.

The meaning of the ending of the film Live Bykov

The hero of the film makes his choice: he will save his “good” life at the cost of the life of some dashing person unknown to him, probably with a bad biography. After all, it was Andrei who got into his life, killed the dog? But Andrei did not kill Mikhail, did not abandon him when he could save his life at the cost of his, also someone else’s and unnecessary. And we see how the righteous become cowards and scoundrels, and sinners become real people. And all this in the face of the main question that faces all of us. This issue is death.

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