What is the meaning of the film “Flying in a dream and in reality”?

The protagonist of the film, Sergei, is on the threshold of his fortieth birthday. He is going through a midlife crisis. Life seems to him confusing, meaningless and incomprehensible. The hero has a wife and daughter, a young beautiful mistress, as well as a work colleague who is in love with him and helps financially. And work as an architect in the bureau. But he does not appreciate what he has.

The film shows two days before the main character’s birthday and his own anniversary. Probably, the hero lives the rest of his life in much the same way: he gets into ridiculous situations, deceives, lies and rushes from side to side.

Sergei misses his mother very much, but cannot (or does not want to) visit her, tries to write a letter to her, but fails: he suffers, crumples sheets of paper. Behind this occupation, his wife finds him, with whom he quarrels. He lies at work, asks for time off to see his mistress. As a result, the wife finds the hero in the car with his mistress, a scandal occurs, the wife takes the keys from Sergey.

Then Sergei tries to go to his mother, but by chance he is beaten and thrown out of the train, the railway station worker takes pity on him and helps him get home. But the offended wife does not let Sergei go home, so he comes with a bottle to his boss and friend, they sit up talking until late at night.

The whole team decides to celebrate Sergey’s anniversary in nature. People have fun, drink, dance, communicate. Sergey is jealous of his mistress Alice (who also came to the holiday) to her new acquaintance and pretends to have thrown himself from the swing into the river (it is late autumn outside). Colleagues are scared, they run to help, but it turns out that Sergei was joking – he comes out from behind a tree, alive and well. Offended guests quickly disperse, and the main character curls up in a haystack, lonely and unhappy.

Characteristics of the main character

The midlife crisis of the protagonist is shown very clearly in the film: Sergey, having almost reached the age of 40, rushes about, doubts himself and those around him, devalues ​​for himself everything that he had previously acquired: family, acquaintances of women, colleagues, friends. The hero seems to rebel (an adult man rebels like a teenager) against the dullness and routine surrounding him. His decisions are spontaneous, he seems to have lost his head. Therefore, it gets into dubious stories during the film.

Sergei is selfish, he is only concerned about his own feelings, his own crisis. The feelings of the people he deceives or uses for his own purposes do not bother him. He does not worry that he betrayed his wife and daughter, that he disappointed his boss and offended his colleagues. He does not want to be responsible for his life, for his family, for his work. And it is not known whether this is a crisis of forty years or a man has always been like that.

Why is the film called “Flying in a dream and in reality”?

The film was named so due to the fact that the main character really wanted to “fly”. Not literally. Sergey wanted to fly above the ordinary, above people who live the way they should live. The culmination of the film is the flight of the hero from the bungee into the river. And it becomes clear that his romantic “flights” are nothing more than an illusion and an attempt to justify his selfishness, lies and incomprehensible actions.

The meaning of the film

The film “Flying in a dream and in reality” has a deep meaning. It shows the opposition of one person, whose mood, behavior, ideas and dreams are different from others, to the general mass of people. But in this film, the confrontation is shown not quite traditionally. The mass of people is depicted here quite well from a moral point of view (this is how almost all people lived in the USSR), but the hero himself is rather from a negative side. Sergei is not satisfied with his life, but he does not strive to change it for the better, on the contrary, by his actions he destroys himself and those around him, brings meaningless chaos and fuss into his life. And we see how gradually even the most patient and benevolent people turn away from him. At the end of the film, Sergei is left alone, his wife kicked him out of the house, previously loving women turned away from him, there were no friends, no work left (he managed to quit). There was nothing left, the field, he and the haystack.

The film teaches that one must be responsible for one’s actions. Even a midlife crisis sooner or later ceased to be an excuse for the actions that Sergey did.

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