What is the meaning of the film Copper Sun

Copper Sun is a 2018 TV series. Initially, they wanted to release it under the name “Jubilee Counter”. Director – Karen Oganesyan, genre – military drama. The series was filmed in the ancient city of Khiva. Both real musicians and young actors participated in it. Starring Vladimir Mashkov. All the actors have been learning to play wind instruments for several months.

What is Copper Sun about?

The creators say that the series is based on real events. The plot develops in a Central Asian village on the border with Afghanistan or Iran. The end of the 1980s, the Soviet Union is in agony, the Ferghana rebellion has already passed and the war in Afghanistan is ending. Unrest begins all over the country, and the whole country lives in fear of uncertainty: what will happen next.

In a small village, or town, where Russian hydro-builders, Uzbeks, and Tajiks live, a motorized rifle regiment lives, including a brass band led by a non-standard and not very happy conductor Mikhail Karyakin, who lives only music. He is a big fan of the composer and conductor Agapkin, who created the march “Farewell to the Slav”, loves to drink, but his only love is music.

The orchestra is preparing for the competition, but there is unrest in the country and the competition fails, and the musicians do not find the village. I have to go back to my hometown.

But it turns out that during their absence, the regiment was urgently redeployed, because the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the region was carried out. Against the background of all the confusion, the musicians simply did not have time to warn about the redeployment, as a result they return to empty barracks. The orchestra was left alone with weapons, an incomprehensible situation and a choice: to catch up with their own or stay here.

And this is the very beginning of the 90s, a civil war begins in the republic. To stir up the situation in the region, foreign fighters-Islamic radicals are settled near the town. A small Central Asian town and its population is in great danger, and the situation is reminiscent of a powder keg whose fuse is already burning.

The orchestra and its leader decide to stay here and protect the village, as well as the deserted military unit with weapons left behind. And it doesn’t matter that they have almost no military experience and are young. Now it is musicians, creative people, who remain the only protection for the entire village.

There were also new attempts to enter the competition, and terrorist acts, and losses, and conflicts between the major and the musicians, and a love story, and a detective intrigue, and the first secretaries of local district committees, who suddenly easily and naturally turned into bais.

Young people who hardly held weapons in their hands are faced with senseless and merciless Central Asian bandits and steppe cruelty.

The meaning of the film Copper Sun

Perhaps the main point of the film is the love for music and art, which can be stronger than weapons. During the rehearsal, Karjakin remembers Jan Zizka, who offered to put his skin on the drum after the execution. Such is the heart of a musician, and such is his life: the skin on the drum and cut on the living. There are no semitones for them: play your part like it’s the last time, fight to the last. Often it was art and inspiration that gave strength to continue the struggle, and musicians know what their strength is.

Another question that is raised in the series is whether it is possible to learn what one has never done in the face of danger. Musicians have to master the strategy and tactics in a matter of weeks, come up with a scheme to protect the town. Only what you really love can help in such a difficult matter.

The meaning and purpose of the existence of the heroes of the film was precisely the service of music, and the goal is that which helps to survive any tragedy and extreme situations. Music became the sign of the heroes, mystery and power. It was the music that became the very copper sun that warmed the guys in such a difficult situation.

Another point is the transformation of a talented conductor into a talented military man. Karjakin is not perfect, but he subtly feels each of his wards, focuses on any business and perfectly understands the intonations of all members of the orchestra. Perhaps this is what helped him find ways out of the most difficult situations.

Another topic that was raised in the series is the possibility of friendship between peoples. It is very difficult to build good relationships when you have different traditions and different mentalities. Nevertheless, in the city, where representatives of different nations have long lived, both friendship and love are established. And it turns into a tragedy when enmity appears between nationalities.

The meaning of the film’s ending

The ending is tragic. Karjakin and the guys from his orchestra did not survive the final battle with the bandits. Here, apparently, everything is clear: art does not always win, and when the cannons rumble, the muses are silent …

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