What is the meaning of the 2020 movie “Fire”?

The film takes place in the forests of picturesque Karelia. The merciless element spares nothing in its path. A valiant group of rescuers is immediately sent to put out the mounted fire. Aleksey Sokolov, commander of the brigade, takes Roman Ilyin to the team. Roman is the fiancé of his daughter, a frivolous and boorish young man. He will have to show himself in a completely different way.

In such catastrophic films, in extreme situations, a person shows his true face. In the film, the viewer sees true friendship and devotion to their work, dedication and self-sacrifice for the sake of salvation. Heroism and courage are the main features of rescuers. Brave, courageous and fearless firefighters will go to extreme measures to fulfill their duty, they are admirable. The film touches upon such issues as the moral qualities of a person, his values ​​and humanity.

The film is emotional and tragic, many moments are based on the real practice of rescuers. First-class actors perform their roles flawlessly. You respect them and believe that they will undoubtedly defeat the fearless element. Appropriate music helps the viewer to feel deeper and empathize with the characters of the film. In the tape, the viewer is shown two storylines. The first is the salvation of the villagers. The second is to put out the fire. Circumstances and negligence lead to the fact that people and rescuers are surrounded by fire. The price of salvation is the life of a firefighter, his selfless act. Courageous act of a true hero.

The viewer is also shown growing up, the baptism of fire of a young rescuer. Accustomed to an easy riotous life, he changes his values ​​in one day, acquires bold masculine qualities. He acquires the ability to perform heroic deeds. The experience of an adult is passed on to the growing youth.

An amazing story about the heroic deeds of firefighters and employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Courageous and courageous rescuers are desperately fighting fire, saving people’s lives. What others consider a feat is ordinary everyday life for them, rescuers are accustomed to extreme danger and mortal risk. They come at the right moment to interfere with the fiery element.

The meaning of the film is that the profession of a rescuer is a calling to save people’s lives, a firefighter must have presence of mind. He must act decisively and boldly. All this the viewer observes in this film. We should be proud and admire that we are surrounded by such people – heroes. Who will instantly come to the rescue and help in any difficult situation, even at the cost of their own lives. Every day they go to work, and do not know if they will return home safe and sound today.

Quality and timely assistance can save lives. On this example, it is necessary to educate the growing youth so that they have the desire to develop heroic qualities and devotion to their work, not to leave friends and relatives in trouble, to be reliable and responsible. Don’t be cowardly, be brave and determined.
The plot of the film keeps in suspense until the end, the chic nature and special effects fascinate the viewer.

The film was shot by director Alexei Nuzhny, the main roles were played by Konstantin Khabensky, Tikhon Zhiznevsky, Ivan Yankovsky, Roman Kurtsyn, Stasya Miloslavskaya.

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