What is The Frog Princess about?

A touching and instructive film hides a deep psychological meaning. This is a story about how important it is to learn to treat other people well. The film teaches goodness, truth and justice. All these qualities are very relevant, especially in our time.

What is the movie The Frog Princess about?

The daughter of a millionaire is getting married. The bride found the groom in a piquant situation. She saw her beloved father in the arms of the bride. In anger, the girl made a scandal at her own wedding. There was a quarrel between father and daughter. Irina decided to leave her father’s house.

The daughter of a millionaire leaves for her grandmother, and in an ordinary bus. Olga plots against her future stepdaughter. She tries to turn her father against her daughter. And the girl started having problems. She was rude on the bus, the driver of the car refused to take the rude woman. Irina got to her grandmother.

Meanwhile, the evil future stepmother blocked all of Irina’s cards. The relationship between the daughter of a millionaire and her grandmother did not work out. The girl had to get used to the difficult village work. And then Irina found out that all her cards were blocked. And they cannot be unlocked without the personal presence of the owner. She also found out that her father was married.

Irina found out where her mother’s grave was. The daughter of a millionaire got a job. Now she is a teacher at a public school. Irina is having a hard time. But she will overcome all difficulties. The girl’s father found out that Olga had blocked all her daughter’s cards. The insidious woman assured her husband that Irina could manage without his money.

The principal of the school threatens her with dismissal, but Irina quickly puts the principal in her place. And for the girl, the father sent a driver. But Irina did not leave. Meanwhile, both the grandmother and the director take up the upbringing of the girl.

And the daughter of a millionaire has changed. She became kinder, her heart softened, her character became different. Olga continues to intrigue. Irina is happy with her new life. The daughter of a millionaire found true love. Irina collects information about her mother.

Irina’s father found Olga with her lover. He decided to invalidate the marriage. The principal of the school under investigation, Masha found out that she was Irina’s sister. The girl’s father came to the village. He learned about the youngest daughter. The family united.

Meaning of the movie The Frog Princess

The main point of the film is that it is necessary to treat others as human beings. Otherwise, you can lose everything that was good in life. Lose the closest people, true friends and your own happiness. Relationships between people are the basis of all life.

Money can not buy happiness

The filmmakers wanted to convey a classic truth to the viewer. Money, even the biggest, never brought happiness to anyone. True happiness can only bring a favorite work. And also good relations with people and simple joys. A girl who had everything could not dream of them.

Fresh air, peace and quiet cannot be bought for any amount of money.


True deceit is always hidden under the guise of kindness. And the evil intriguer always succeeds in any cunning plan. The insidious plans of the villains are easily implemented. It is difficult to discern a real enemy under the mask of a sweet and kind person. But sooner or later, deceit will fail. This is the law of life.

Power of love

Love can completely change the character of a person, completely turn the inner world. And not only love between a man and a woman. The touching feeling of a lonely little girl can also make a kind, loving and understanding girl out of an arrogant proud woman.

The power of truth

An instructive story teaches the viewer that one must always tell the truth, especially to those who are truly dear. The truth, spoken in time, will help to avoid problems in the future. She is able to give true happiness, change life for the better. It is easy and pleasant to speak the truth.

Family bonds

The touching film is designed to convey to the viewer one more, very simple thought. It is important not to break the connection with your family, to treat it with love and attention. And then help and support in the most difficult situation from relatives will certainly appear, and at the most opportune moment. The family will always understand, help and support.

Good conquers evil

But the main point of the film is that the forces of good always triumph over the forces of evil. They can’t resist true acts of kindness. All malicious intrigues are broken against the unshakable monolith of that wonderful state of mind, which people call good. It is no coincidence that all Russian fairy tales end this way.

The meaning of the final

An unusually touching ending is also filled with meaning. She shows how important it is to find your roots, to unite with your family. Then everything will be fine in life, because a loving and beloved family is the basis of happiness for any person.

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