What is the film “Zaliniya” about

Domestic drama “Zalinia” directed by Vadim Dubrovitsky has become one of the milestones of modern Russian cinema. After all, the picture perfectly reflected the experiences of the little main character of the film, who is faced with the realities of life and copes with them. The formation of the character of the girl is accompanied by a description of the reality in which she fell by the will of circumstances. The poignancy of the drama leaves a mark on the soul of the viewer, making you think about life, your own path and the ability to endure and not give up even in particularly difficult moments.

The sequence of the development of the storyline

Five-year-old Alina lives with her father and mother, but does not feel family warmth and support at all. After the onset of a serious illness of the mother, so that the baby would not see the suffering of the patient, the father decided to take her to Irma, Alina’s aunt. She does not live in the city, and it is difficult for the girl to get used to the peculiarities of rural life. After all, children here are different from urban ones, they are less predictable, and free life leaves its mark on the whole way of life. Irma’s life cannot be called easy, but she finds strength in herself and takes her niece to her.

Two of Irma’s three children are Alina’s age. Not immediately, but still the girl manages to find a common language with them and becomes her own here. But the thoughts of a speedy return home and the recovery of her mother are constantly spinning in Alina’s head. After all, only in your own home you can find peace of mind, from loved ones to receive support and love.

One spring morning, the father nevertheless appears at Irma’s house, but, as it turns out, not for his daughter. During Alina’s absence, not the most pleasant changes occurred in her family: her mother died, and her father met another woman and is not going to take the baby back. The betrayal of loved ones and, in fact, the loss of loved ones in early childhood – these are the initial data for Alina, who is just beginning her life journey.

As events unfold, Alina finds her new family. A lot of things are not going the way you imagined and would like. The internal conflict created by the father’s betrayal makes it difficult to quickly adapt to changing events.

The meaning of the film and the message to the viewer

The action of the picture takes place in the 90s, when the whole reality of modern life began to change rapidly. It is not easy for everyone to adapt, and for a little girl, without loving sincere support, it is even more difficult to learn to trust people and find her place in life.

Watching a movie evokes complex feelings in the viewer. Those who had the somewhat dubious fortune of living in the times described in the film will indulge in real nostalgia! After all, everything here is reminiscent of the unforgettable 90s with their terrifying instability and chaos in the country. For example, many will feel despondency and depressive state, characteristic of the period of that time. Gorbachev’s report as a background is a bright touch, giving the picture a special expressiveness and three-dimensionality.

The drama of the film “Zalinia” can be called light. Superb directing, meticulously crafted dialogue, and a lively musical accompaniment, coupled with excellent acting, make this film an opportunity to enjoy the sequence of events. The aftertaste after watching “Zaliniya” is extremely positive, despite the somewhat depressing manner of narration and the difficult beginning of the film. The ability of the director and screenwriter to combine the dullness of the general atmosphere and a touch of light humor makes it easier to perceive the reality that is not very attractive, and the amazing play of the actors, even very young ones, will bring pleasure to watch, because from an ordinary film “Zalinia” has turned into a real masterpiece with many successfully noticed details.

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