What is the film “Sobibor” about

Sobibor is a film that became the debut in the directorial career of Konstantin Khabensky. The film was released in May 2018. Sobibor is a Nazi death camp in Poland. The plot is based on a story that happened in 1943.

The main character is Alexander Pechersky, a Soviet Jew who was able to rise to the rank of lieutenant. In 1943, he was captured by the Nazis and ended up in a death camp. Jews were brought there to be exterminated. The main character stayed in Sobibor for 22 days. During this time, he managed to plan an international uprising. During the entire war, it will be the only successful one. The prisoners will be able to make a mass escape from the Nazi concentration camp.

What is the film “Sobibor” about

The screen version of the film Sobibor touches on wartime. In this film you can meet all the cruelty of Nazism, the terrible theme of the Holocaust. In some places the film is too cruel, but this is just a reflection of the military reality that the director was trying to convey.

Jews are collected in this concentration camp. Here they are immediately killed – they are poisoned in gas rooms specially equipped for this. In relation to those prisoners who have so far been left alive for work, the Nazis treat like mad dogs. They can instantly grab the throat at any second. Prisoners do their best to behave in such a way as not to provoke the Nazis. No one dares to resist them. Everyone knows that disobedience will cause the execution of both the guilty and the innocent. It is dangerous to oppose SS officers in anything. The only chance for salvation is to escape. The heroism of the Soviet soldier gives the captives hope for release. There were 22 days for planning. The prisoners in a small number were able to draw up a plan and carry it out. They deprived the camp of command and were able to get free. The feat, which was not made public in the USSR, finally hit the screens thanks to Konstantin Khabensky.

The content of the film “Sobibor”

The captives arrived in Sobibor. This is a group of prisoners who unsuccessfully organized an escape from a concentration camp in Minsk. Among them is the main character Alexander Pechersky. He is a man with military experience, knows how to lead a crowd of people. They immediately try to recruit him into the underground resistance. This man wanted to be a savior for many prisoners. But things didn’t go the way he planned. Many died. He is tormented by guilt, and the will to resist and the desire to live are absent, so he seems completely indifferent. But gradually, day after day, being in the camp, he still finds the strength to plan an uprising.

People who have just arrived at the camp are being robbed of their belongings. They are assured that everything will be returned after sanitization. The officer asks if there are masters among the visitors. Carpenters, shoemakers, tailors and jewelers are needed.

Women and men were separated. They were told it wasn’t for long. The women were asked to undress, had their hair cut and taken to the shower room for a swim. When they got there, the guard closed the room with a valve. Gas was released into the room, which poisons.

Only those who can be useful are left alive here. People are needed to sort out confiscated things and camp work. The prisoners who have been left alive so far do not lose hope that they will be able to hold out until Poland is liberated.

Later, when Pechersky decided to become the leader of an underground group, they began to develop a plan for a mass escape from the concentration camp. The camp itself consists of more than a dozen SS officers, about 500 prisoners in it. The whole plan was that the prisoners would lure out the officers one at a time. They were killed, their weapons were taken away. Later, the captives made their way to the armory.

The meaning of the ending of the film “Sobibor”

To the sound of a siren, the prisoners are called to the parade ground. On behalf of Pechersky, Chaim wounds the head of the camp. During the skirmish, the prisoners were able to escape from the camp by breaking down the gate. Some Germans were blown up by mines, many were killed and wounded.

400 captives were able to break free. 100 died. Pechersky was able to cross the front line. He fought until the very Victory. Karl Frenzel, the head of the camp, was sentenced to life in prison in 1966.

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