What is the film “Gurzuf” about

The events of the film take place on the Southern Coast of Crimea. It was June 1965. In the center of the story is a true professional in his field. The character was deeply worried about Gurzuf. That’s why he decided to put things in order in this place. However, even in this calm and quiet place, strange crimes began to occur that shocked the population. Let’s try to figure out what hidden meaning the creators put into the film “Gurzuf”.

Rodion Stotsky has been chief of police for three years. He was able to achieve compliance with all job descriptions of his subordinates. For the hero, it was not just a job. Even the scammers who have been hunting on the beach for a long time preferred to move to another place. However, the opening of the new beach season was overshadowed. Violent crimes were committed within a few days. Shooting, robbery, robbery. It seems that all these crimes are so different that nothing can connect them. But Rodion Stotsky knew how to read “between the lines.” The character realized that there was some connection between all these events. Now he needs to unravel the tangle of strange incidents as soon as possible and figure out who is the culprit of the crimes.

The activity of the protagonist was associated with danger, cruelty, sudden events. He never knew where his investigation would lead. But he was always confident in himself and his actions. Rodion Stotsky simply could not do otherwise. It is important that at a difficult, turning point in the investigation, there was a person next to the character who supported him.

The atmospheric film “Gurzuf” seems to take viewers into the difficult 1960s. The main character is a talented policeman with a very quarrelsome character. He always stands on the side of the law. Only some of his actions cause bewilderment on the faces of the audience. Why did Rodion decide to conclude dubious contracts with criminals? Why did he not try to completely eradicate bandit activity in the territory assigned to him? The hero, like all other characters, is a living person. With its strengths and weaknesses. He had his own tactics of conducting an investigation, which caused controversy and bewilderment on the part of colleagues. Perhaps it is precisely such a policeman that one should be equal to the rest of the law enforcement officers. Rodion Stotsky, despite his temper and excessive emotionality, knew how to concentrate his attention on really important matters. The film “Gurzuf” is a story about a man who was faithful to his choice to the end. The character had a valuable quality that cannot be taken away from him. Rodion never shifted responsibility for his unsuccessful actions to someone else.

The authors of the film managed to create interesting solid images. The characters are so different that the viewer does not immediately understand who he should worry about. Each character has their own motives. The changes taking place with the main character, it is impossible not to notice. When other people’s lives are at stake, decisions must be made quickly and clearly. Rodion understood this very well. In any professional activity, each person should be in his place. At work, all personal troubles, problems in relationships should go by the wayside.

The film “Gurzuf” is a film about mutual assistance, about compassion, about the psychological breakdown of the characters. When nothing works out, everything “falls out of hand”, it is very important to maintain faith in yourself and your strengths. Every failure undermines self-confidence. There is no trace of the former cheerfulness of the character from episode to episode. If he fails, he will let down a large number of people. Fear, panic, fear of failing. He could not allow this.

A difficult, confusing, touching story of the life of a man who devoted himself to law enforcement. The hero wanted to benefit people. Sometimes his emotions “overflowed” over the edge, he could not overcome his indignation, and indignation was read on his face. But helplessness was definitely not about him. Rodion Stotsky coped with duties that initially seemed overwhelming.

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