What is the film “Belarusian Station” about?

The Belorussky railway station is a film familiar to many of us since Soviet times, it is a kind of story that seems ideal to many. Various topics are covered here. The film Belorussky Station does not touch upon the war, but only its consequences. It shows young people and their attitude to wartime. The war greatly influenced the cinema, there were many pictures associated with it. The script of this film, as well as the plot, constantly changed. Despite the fact that the film was created by fairly young directors, cameramen, screenwriters, they were well versed in the topic of war.

The film was made in the seventies. The director’s father went through the whole war, is the author of the work Brest Fortress. He hosted a TV program about unknown heroes. The film premiered in 1971. The events described in the film take place after the end of the war. According to the plot, two old friends meet at the funeral of a comrade from the front. All colleagues are distinguished by different destinies, they are people of different character.

During the war, they were united by a battalion of the 1st Belorussian Front. The main characters are Viktor Kharlamov, who was a commander, and after the war became at the helm of a large plant. Dubinsky Nikolai – was a radio operator, then became an accountant, this role was played by Papanov. Vanya – Ivan Prikhodko, who was the intelligence commander, and after that he was an ordinary locksmith. This role was played by Evgeny Leonov. Alexei Kiryukhin was a minister of demolition during the war, and later became a journalist.

At the funeral, friends look for a place so as not to interfere with the suffering of the widow. They end up at a restaurant, but the mood and ambience don’t fit the occasion they’ve gathered for. In the course of the film, many of them stop by on their own business, they drive the official car of the plant manager, who manages to call in at work to give instructions to the engineer, to yell at him. Ivan receives problems from his director, he calls in home, and here problems in the family are visible. After all, he has a jealous wife, four active children and many different difficulties at work. Partner stuck in a gas hatch.

Friends helped Vanya, which made it possible to quickly eliminate the accident and are doing everything possible to take his partner to the hospital. However, the stopping cars do not want to help them, and a fight breaks out. Life is very different, while they are fixing the accident, they are met by a police squad, without understanding the situation, they arrest all four on the denunciation of the owner of the Muscovite.

Getting to the station, they understand that everything was simpler at the front – enemies and their own were precisely determined, but now all the boundaries of good and evil are completely blurred. It becomes clear who is your friend, who is not. In real life, everything is much more complicated, because when there was a war, people felt united, friendship was valued. Ivan decided to bring them all to the nurse Raya, played by Nina Urgant. She is very glad to meet friends, sets the table. The loss of Matveev was a tragedy for her. It is Raya who sings the song with the guitar, and her friends sing along with her. The final episode of the picture is that friends stay overnight with a nurse, they dream of a war in the form of documentary filming.

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