What is the 2021 Russian TV series “Ask the Nurse” about?

The premiere of the series “Ask the Nurse” took place in September 2021 – it was filmed under the direction of director Dmitry Petrun. The series has only 8 episodes and tells an unusual story about a talented doctor Valeria, who had everything she needed in this life. Her daughter planned to enter a prestigious university, she had an affair with the head physician, she worked in a well-known clinic as a resuscitator. But all this disappeared when Valeria failed to save the drug-addicted girl from death. She did everything to save the patient, took all the necessary measures, but she did not succeed. Because of this, she found an enemy in the person of the father of the deceased – he was a very influential person in the city and was even ready to harm Valeria’s daughter. She flees, leaves everything and gets a job in Petrozavodsk. There she works as an ordinary nurse, and does not tell anyone that she is a resuscitator. Her medical school diploma came in handy. Valeria really wants to help her daughter fulfill her dream, but is not ready to declare who she really is.

The melodrama violates quite a few problems: revenge as a phenomenon of society and its psychology, the relationship between parents and children, the desire to achieve what they have dreamed of for a very long time, self-sacrifice. Valeria sacrifices her job so that her daughter can study at a prestigious university and be able to create for herself the future she dreamed of. In addition, Valeria was running away from the influential father of the girl, whom she could not save from an overdose. She throws everything that she managed to achieve and starts her career all over again.

The main character definitely deserves respect and reverence, because her priority is the future of her daughter, and not her own ambitions. Although this is not always good, because wanting to help strangers, we forget about ourselves. You also need to think about your own dreams and not be afraid of anything.

The film also tells about what a person can experience on the way to his own happiness. There is also a love line in the series, but it is not so obvious and has not become the main one, as is typical for most Russian melodramas. The main character is going through a lot of emotional upheavals, very often wonders about the correctness of her act. The series wraps up a serious story in which Valeria becomes a hostage of the situation and is forced to fight the tricks of fate in order to stay afloat as long as possible. She also becomes involved in a love triangle without wanting to.

The meaning of the film is that every person wants to be happy and live in peace. The finale of the film indicates that, most likely, the second season of the series will be released soon, in which the viewer will see the continuation of the story and finally understand what the final ending will be. How will this story end and will Valeria be able to return to her former life? It is not yet clear, but perhaps the situation will be clarified by the continuation. The ending in the first season is open and prompts the viewer to think and think about the possible ending of this story. Perhaps in the second season there will be a lot of interesting episodes and events that will open your eyes to obvious things.

The series is worthy of the attention of the audience, because it tells a story that each of us can face. No one is immune from the tricks of fate and, perhaps, such series based on real life stories will be able to tell the viewer how to behave in this or that situation. We understand that all this is a movie, and this did not happen in real life. But real life is often a much more interesting series than what we see on TV.

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