What is the 2021 Russian film Moloko about?

Karen Hovhannisyan presented to the audience a new drama-fantasy film, which tells a very interesting story about the girl Zoya. She lives in Kirovsk and does not suspect anything that soon her life will change in a completely opposite direction. She is barren, but milk begins to flow from her breasts. It has a specific property to heal the spiritual wounds of people. Now everyone who needs healing from the moral traumas of childhood can turn to Zoya for help. Zoya’s husband Sergey stole two penguins from the zoo and left them in his bathroom, a teenager who risks his life on the roofs of trains, an exhibitionist who harasses women, and a tyrannical father who cannot contain his anger at his daughter Tanya. All these people decided to solve all their problems with the help of Zoya. She does not suspect that her milk can cause an unusual effect and is still thinking about taking on the mission of a savior.

What is the point of this movie? The plot of the film is a little fictional, because milk from the breast, unfortunately, cannot solve the problems of an ordinary person, especially if they are associated with mental disorders. The characters that are in this film have become a symbol of psychological problems that swallow a person if he does not feel acceptance and love for himself in this life. The less we are loved, the more problems and complexes we have.

All mental disorders are due to the fact that a person does not perceive himself as nature created him. Therefore, he is looking for ways through which he can release all the negative energy outward. And since few people love him, so unusual, he begins to delve into himself, look for flaws and shortcomings, thereby driving himself into even greater problems. Love, if it is healthy and given to a person for the good, and not for self-destruction, can heal anyone.

There are a lot of morally crippled and mentally ill people around, and all because humanity is more drowning in hatred and contempt. If love were the canon of human life, everything would be different, because love is not just physical adoration. This is the acceptance of a person with all his shortcomings and advantages, with all his problems and injuries. Love is a very hard work, and it is really difficult to love another person sincerely, without falsehood and lies. But I’m glad it’s even possible.

Milk is an allegory, and a multi-level one at that. Immediately there is an association with mother’s milk, with which she feeds her baby, giving him all her love and care. Accordingly, milk acts as a reminder of the mother and parents in general, who are entrusted with the duty to please the child in childhood so that he feels confident throughout his life. Self-confidence is laid from the first days, and much depends not only on ourselves, but also on our parents. The heroes who came to Zoya for help are unloved children who did not feel enough support and love and are now looking for all this in a stranger. They are looking for that acceptance and understanding that they lacked in early childhood.

Therefore, milk is love, mutual understanding, and each person would like to drink it exactly as much as he needed and how much was not given in childhood. The film makes you rethink some things and change your attitude towards them. Of course, understanding the meaning of the film may not come immediately, for this you need to watch the film and try to comprehend it, based on human experiences. There is a lot of pain in it, but at the same time everything in the film is seasoned with humor and kindness. The film definitely deserves viewing, if only because it has such an interesting image of milk as the embodiment of universal love and a cure for problems.

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