What is the 2017 movie “Attraction” about?

I must say right away that the film has no shortage of cool “cinematic” effects, it is in this position that it really impresses and attracts fans of science fiction. Both computer graphics and combined shooting are all at the level of world standards. And the fact that at least this film has already surpassed many of its Russian predecessors is evidenced by its “box office”. “Attraction” attracted not only the hearts of the audience, but also their wallets: the film’s box office receipts exceeded the financial costs by three times.

But in addition to external effects, Fyodor Bondarchuk wanted to convey to us his big and bitter thought: today’s Russian society is being eaten by xenophobic instincts and passions. People, and especially people of the younger generation, live by the principle: not ours, not Russian, which means a potential enemy! Get out of my way! This is not patriotism. This is a real hatred for any manifestation of “alien deeds.”

In the film, a spaceship crashes. But this is precisely an accident, and not a disastrous invasion according to the scenario of Wells’ War of the Worlds.

What is the movie “Attraction” about?

This blockbuster begins in the usual style of “Star Wars” for the genre. During the fall of a certain object from space (at first it is mistaken for an asteroid or a comet), terrible destruction occurs, the Moscow district of Chertanovo is in ruins. Almost immediately, one of the heroines also dies – Svetlana, the closest friend of the main character of the film, Yulia.

The destroyed quarters immediately cordon off the troops. The military already understand who they are dealing with. Although one of the main “gags” of the film is that a Russian pilot randomly fires a rocket at an unidentified object, without thinking what gigantic consequences his gambling shot can produce! After all, although the alien ship was in distress, but most likely, it would have landed in normal mode and would not have done so many troubles.

Further, events develop rapidly and a melodramatic plot is woven into them. The main character Artem, a simple young man from the Moscow “proletarian” district, is in love with a girl, Yulia, the daughter of a major military man. Yulia’s father prevents this friendship, since the young man is clearly not from his “circle”. In his own way, he was right – Artem, although a brave young man, selflessly loving Yulia, she is more an object of property for her than an independent person. This is the film’s conflict. Unless, of course, we count the main collision: aliens have fallen on the metropolis, their intentions are incomprehensible …

Alien intelligence is not always a hostile invasion

Aliens, as it turned out on the example of one of them, can easily learn human speech. But at the same time, they could not adequately communicate and peacefully make contact with earthlings. They destroyed part of the city, thousands of people died under the rubble of houses. There was practically no water in the 100,000-strong district. The aliens use it to repair their “plate”. This does not make it easier for earthlings, they do not understand what is happening and are aggressive.

Artem-Yul’s love conflict is aggravated by the fact that a third appears between them. This is an alien, a humanoid, and absolutely terrestrial type. The beautiful extraterrestrial “prince” Hakon falls in love with Yulia (for simplicity, she now calls him Khariton). Mutual passion flares up between them. Artyom cannot bear this – he declares war not only on Khariton “from the star”, but also on all aliens who uninvitedly arrived on Earth. Artyom’s jealousy leads to many troubles and sad consequences.

Love-carrot in the understanding of Moscow punks

Needless to say, there are some inconsistencies in the film. Maybe this was done deliberately to increase the tension of the plot? But some scenes look like “blunders”. And it can be annoying, there is some kind of gap between frames. For example, being carried away by the appearance of the “exoskeleton” of the alien, the guys from Chertanovo somehow imprudently shake the very body of the alien out of it – and immediately forget about it! Then the heroine of the film, Yulia, falls sharply in love with an intelligent alien, and very much ignores Artyom’s passionate feelings … Somehow lightly. It is sad to watch how the sincere and rather selfless feelings of Artyom, a simple kid from Chertanov, are transformed into the passions of a “in love” Neanderthal. Like, don’t touch mine – I’ll kill you!

How does the movie end

The end is not only melodramatic, but almost tragic. The first contact between the two civilizations was unsuccessful. In Chertan’s “war of the worlds” the alien Khariton almost dies, he selflessly covers his beloved with his body. But Julia also gets a terrible wound. Only the love of an alien saves her from death… In principle, the final can be called a happy ending, the robots of the alien ship do not fight earthlings “to kill”, they try not to injure and, moreover, not to kill any of the aggressive teenagers. The artificial intelligence, the computer that controls the ship, comes into contact with Colonel Lebedev, Yulia’s father. He explains to him the purpose of the arrival of aliens and their further possible plans. So, Julia is saved, and Khariton-Hakon, although injured, is almost dying, but we are given a hint that the almighty Artificial Intelligence will save the alien.

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