What is Plato about?

The Russian fascinating film “Plato” tells about the carefree and successful life of the hero. It seems that he has everything for complete happiness. The character does not need anything, because he can get everything he wants. However, the easy playful days soon came to an end. The hero, who had never thought about anything before, met true love. How has the character’s life changed after the disgusting event? Has he rethought his values ​​and priorities? Let’s try to get to the bottom of the truth and find out the essence of the film “Plato”. What is the true meaning of the director laid in his film.

The meaning of the film “Plato”

The motion picture “Plato” is not just a comedy, a film for entertainment. This work is endowed with a deep meaning, which is revealed through the amazing characters presented by the director. Plato. It can be said about such a person that he no longer knows what he wants from this life. He has everything. Besides, if he doesn’t have something, he can afford it. He’s interested in money, money, money. A carefree life without bright ups and downs.

And then there is Love. Did true deep feelings flare up between the characters? For now, this is a big question. The meaning of the film “Plato” is joking to show how boundless human stupidity can be. To be more precise, this is female stupidity. Or naivete? In any case, the girl had a very high opinion of herself. She decided that Plato was always waiting for a meeting with her, that it was she who was the limit of his dreams.

However, the hero was of a completely different opinion. But he decided to play along with her. Love felt attractive, interesting and vibrant. But even these characteristics could not make Plato quickly decide in her favor. But why did the film have a choice between love and money? Why can’t you be happy with a person for whom you have sincere and reverent feelings, and at the same time not need anything ?!

When Plato analyzed, weighed, he missed an important detail. Not everything in this world can be measured in money. Feelings cannot be bought. Love is either there or it isn’t. Everything is simple. Huge money is not the key to a successful happy life. You can be rich, but very lonely. Money cannot buy a person who would sincerely and reverently take care of you without demanding anything in return. The main thing is to realize that simple feelings are much more important in life than material wealth.

“Money can not buy happiness”. Some may argue with this phrase, believing that it was invented by poor people. However, it also carries a deep hidden meaning. Much more important than obtaining all the riches of the world is the acquisition of inner harmony and inner happiness. If you are alive, healthy, you have a roof over your head and a loving person nearby, what else can you dream of? In pursuit of illusory riches, material wealth, we miss something really valuable. Our own lives pass us by. So interesting, rich and unpredictable. Never forget about it.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Plato”

The film “Plato” once again proved that almost everything in our world can be bought for money. At the end of the film, the hero stands at a crossroads. But what will he choose: a quiet peaceful life next to his beloved girl or a carefree existence, where everything is subordinated only to him alone? The meaning of the film “Plato” is to show how much everything is decided by money.

The hero does not live by his own mind. He is sure that all the power of this world belongs to him. Why does he think so? Everything is simple. Plato in his life did not meet the bitterness of separation, loss, deprivation. From early childhood he was wealthy. He had everything he wanted. His life was like a fairy tale: pleasure, entertainment, confidence in the future. But who needs such a meaningless idle existence? And if this is still a fairy tale, does it have a happy ending? Each person must answer these questions independently, weighing all the pros and cons.

The film “Plato” harshly and accurately ridicules human vices. The character has forgotten how to feel, to feel simple emotions. He is like a robot who is only interested in money. But fate decided to help the hero. She gave him a gift in the form of Lyuba. But did Plato appreciate this gesture? Did he take his chance? After the film “Plato”, the audience is left with a slight double aftertaste due to some understatement. Perhaps the director appeals to each of us so that we analyze our lives and draw the right conclusions.

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