What is My Favorite Target about?

The series “My Favorite Target” tells about the true values ​​​​of a person. What are we living for? What do we want to leave behind? How should the goals be achieved? It is to these questions that viewers will find answers in the touching and sincere series “My Favorite Target”.

What is “My Favorite Target” about?

Maria Donskikh told her husband the good news: they will soon become parents. However, her beloved husband took this news ambiguously. The hero is both happy about the appearance of the baby, and very alarmed at the same time. The man understands that the financial situation of their family at the moment leaves much to be desired. Due to the unsuccessful business, the couple was mired in huge debts. They do not have the financial ability to pay off their loans.

In the past, Ruslan became the champion of Russia in bullet shooting. Thanks to this title, the hero was offered a job. However, this highly paid position is extremely dangerous. After evaluating all the pros and cons, Ruslan agreed. Soon the hero was sent on a “business trip”. A month later, terrible news reached Maria: her beloved husband had died in a terrible car accident.

What happened shocked the heroine. Maria could no longer be in the city, where everything reminded her of her husband. She changed her place of residence. In the new city, the heroine began to earn her living by tutoring. Suddenly, the face of the father of the boy she was training with seemed very familiar to her. In him, Mary saw her beloved husband. The heroine intends to get to the bottom of the truth and revealed all the secrets of the sudden disappearance of her husband.

The meaning of the movie “My Favorite Target”

What is a person willing to do for the happiness of his family? What sacrifices do spouses sometimes make of themselves? Ruslan had a choice: confess to his deed and suffer a well-deserved punishment, or follow the path of easy money, lawlessness and danger. The hero was afraid for his future life. He did not even consider other options. He didn’t want to go to jail. He was not even stopped by thoughts of his beloved wife. Was she just loved?

How can you live happily if you are separated from your family? Initially, Ruslan had a certain plan. He hoped to earn money and be reunited with Mary. However, the implementation of these goals has been delayed. Why does he need everyday problems, everyday routine, if he can play the role of a successful businessman and a responsible family man without it?!

Maria was a devoted sincere wife. For her beloved husband, she was ready to go even to the ends of the world. Neither financial difficulties, nor the misunderstanding of others, nor the discussing views could stop her. For the heroine, the family was in the first place. Mary lived by her love for her husband. Ruslan did not understand, did not appreciate. The tempting offer of big money turned his head. He forgot about the responsibility for his family, for the unborn child.

The series “My Favorite Target” shows human vices, strengths and weaknesses of character. People know how to love. Maria proved it. However, even the strongest love cannot withstand betrayal. You can’t have unlimited tender and tremulous feelings for a person who committed a vile act and left you. Cruelty and indifference cannot be forgiven.

Each of us chooses our own path. It is foolish to blame only fate for your mistakes. We are the creators of our own happiness. And they must also bear responsibility for their actions and actions. Was Ruslan framed, or could he have avoided what happened? Why did he make such a choice? Where is the line that cannot be crossed under any circumstances?

The hero did not consult with his wife. He made his own decision and started his life from scratch. Ruslan thought that money would make him happy, that he could return to his family at any time. But that doesn’t happen. The meeting with Maria showed that there was no trace left of the former love of the spouses. The heroine was able to survive the heartache and betrayal, she found her happiness. With Ruslan, everything turned out differently. But what outcome did he expect? You can’t do bad things with impunity. For his betrayal, he answered in full.

The meaning of the finale of the film “My Favorite Target”

The accident was staged. Ruslan became a ruthless executor of the instructions of the influential Kutasov. He betrayed his family, he abandoned them. Yes, he tried to be near them. However, with all his actions and actions, he proved to Mary that they were not at all on the way. You cannot rely on such a person.

Maria did not listen to Ruslan’s arguments. He didn’t convince her at all. Initially, they were a happy exemplary family. Or just seemed? New life turned Ruslan’s head. When he tried to get his family back, it was too late. He died from his wife’s gunshot. She couldn’t forgive him. A person capable of betrayal and vile deeds is not worthy of respect.

The finale of the series “My Favorite Target” that good always triumphs over evil. You need to be responsible for your actions. Family is what you need to fight for to the end. Despite the difficulties and obstacles that arise. Ruslan left Maria at the most crucial and difficult moment of her life. But the heroine did not give up. She found the strength to move on. Time put everything in its place. Everyone got what they deserved.

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