What is Black Cat about?

The series, which was released on the screens of viewers in 2016, is a criminal story about a gang called the Black Cat, which was active in the 50s of the last century in the Moscow region. On her account – a lot of robberies, almost two dozen wounded and 11 brutal murders. But what details make the plot of the series so interesting and tense?

What is Black Cat about?

The story of the restoration of a criminal gang begins with an acquaintance with the main characters – Ivan Mishin and Andrei Garanin. They have been friends since childhood, they have interesting hobbies – Ivan is fond of football and works at a factory, and Andrey draws pictures. Everything changes at the moment when Andrei accidentally witnesses a crime – a robbery of one of the Krasnogorsk stores. He immediately reports this to the police, and together with the policeman Perepelkin they come to that store to figure out what is happening. The captain of the squad, Viktor Karatov, was supposed to be waiting for them there, but they did not find any captain there. Andrei understands that Sergeant Major Perepelkin is in cahoots with the bandits and brought him to the scene only to kill him. During the fight, Andrei receives blows to the head, which makes it seem to Perepelkin that he is dead. The foreman leaves the store with his gang, and Garanin comes to his senses in the hospital. He does not remember anything, and he is accused of robbery and robbery of a store, as well as disobedience to a police officer. Andrew goes to jail.

Mishin learns from Perepelkin that there is a person who is ready to help get Garanin free, but this requires a considerable amount of money. Finding no better way out, Mishin robs the deli along with his football game friends and kills the store manager.

Andrei, while behind bars, meets Pashka “America” and escapes from prison with him. Appearing in Moscow, they rob several shops and other enterprises. Mishin kills Pashka, saving his comrade. It was from that moment that the existence of a criminal gang called the “Black Cat” began, where Viktor Karatov and Taisiya Tsyganova, Ivan’s beloved, were later added.

The meaning of the movie “Black Cat”

What is the meaning of the film? The idea of ​​the film is that the directors showed something that unites people. This is real male friendship, and love, and a desire to help and even take revenge. The plot revolves around male friendship, the innocence of Andrei, whom his friends want to release. They are not indifferent to his fate, because of which they also go to crime. Such a linking being may not necessarily be positive. That very desire for revenge (the scene of Pashka’s murder by Ivan) cannot be called positive. However, it also takes place.

The series is full of shooting, blood and corpses, which causes an ambiguous attitude of the audience towards it. The idea of ​​the film is as follows: wishing to defeat evil in the whole world, a person very often himself steps over all the boundaries of what is permitted. Feeling the strength in his hands and the ability to keep others in fear and obedience, he is capable of the most incomprehensible deeds. There is no way back. And so it happened with the heroes of the film: having stepped on the path of no return, they will never be able to return to a quiet life and live as before. The conclusion is as follows: every act that has not yet been committed must be considered. All consequences must be considered and thought out.

The finale of the film for the viewer is quite understandable and predictable: childhood friends become the leaders of a criminal gang and drag all their loved ones there. But here the thinking viewer will think: what made the factory workers, excellent football players, take such a slippery path? Where did something go wrong? Perhaps one should delve into the childhood of the heroes, or maybe the environment at an older age influenced the formation of their personalities.

It can also be said that individuals whose actions do not fit into the framework of the morality of society have experienced something that has changed them radically. This film is a double-edged sword. We can also say that there are no identical people who could absolutely please everyone. There are no such people – each with its own history and its own problems, tragedies. Therefore, what to be – it is up to the person himself to decide. It is he, and not society, who shapes himself. It is the person himself who makes the choice in his life. And he is responsible for it. If the second part of the series is filmed, perhaps its heroes will be justly punished for their deeds.

Reviews of the audience are opposite. Many liked the series, and some had too much blood, corpses and chases. To form your own impression of this film work, you need to see the film. Only after considering all the actions of the characters, looking for causal relationships, one can draw conclusions about the film.

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