What and what is the meaning of the film Labyrinth of Illusions

The film “Labyrinth of Illusions” is the story of a simple ordinary woman who simply dreamed of being happy. But the fragile heroine faced many difficult trials, which she overcame with dignity. Betrayal of loved ones, separation from an only child, misunderstanding on the part of others. It seems that Valentina should give up and give up. However, the woman

What is the movie Labyrinth of Illusions about?

Andrei is a wealthy businessman whose business is going uphill. His wife, Valentina Lavrova, is simply bathed in happiness. Wealthy spouse, house – a full bowl, one and a half year old son. Not life, but a fairy tale. But suddenly everything changed. Andrey Lavrov was the organizer of the races. After another event, his wife lost consciousness. After the heroine was brought to her senses, she asked about her son. The answer of those around him shocked Valya. Nikita was nowhere to be found, but this was not the worst thing that awaited the heroine.

Valentina’s husband assured her that their family never had children. It turns out that, according to relatives, the woman suffers from a mental disorder, and her son Nikita is the fruit of her sick imagination. Not only Andrei Valentina is convinced of this, but also their charming young nurse Margot. In addition, the family doctor prescribed a special medicine for the woman. But is Valentina Lavrova really a mentally unbalanced person who needs compulsory treatment?

The woman does not intend to take potent sedatives, because the mother’s heart suggests that she has a son and he is in great danger. But should the heroine stand her ground and try to conduct her own investigation? Perhaps a woman cannot distinguish the world of fantasy from reality? Why does everyone around say that Valentina suffers from a mental disorder? The heroine has a hard way to go if she wants to meet her boy. But does it really exist?

The meaning of the film “Labyrinth of Illusions”

Complex and multifaceted plot. Two mothers with big hearts, each with their own noble purpose. A child is the most important thing a heroine has. They are ready to give their lives for their boys. However, there is always a line that no one has the right to cross. The women fought for their sons. But each acted as her moral principles and foundations allowed her.

Who can “throw a stone” at Margot? Who will blame her for all the troubles and misfortunes. A desperate woman tried to save a sick child. But even this circumstance is not an excuse for her. You can not go over the heads of others under any circumstances. You cannot deprive another mother of her own baby in order to save her children. The film “Labyrinth of Illusions” is about the great love of a parent for his child and about the sacrifices that adults are capable of for the sake of their child. But the director subtly and accurately showed that not all methods are good when it comes to salvation.

Another theme of the film “Labyrinth of Illusions” is the influence of others on our conceit. Valentina was convinced by many that she was mentally unbalanced. She was told by her beloved husband that they never had children. The heroine for a long time could not understand where is reality and where is illusion. However, she trusted her heart and intuition. This is an action-packed story about how when difficulties arise, there is no need to make hasty decisions. Do not panic, look for the guilty. It is important to calmly assess the situation, analyze your situation and draw the right conclusions.

You should always remember that even close people are capable of betrayal. In pursuit of their own benefit, many commit vile deeds. When it comes to their own interests, people open up to others in a completely different way. However, “everything in our lives comes back like a boomerang.” You can’t argue with this statement. The film “Labyrinth of Illusions” is another proof of this simple truth.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Labyrinth of Illusions”

“The secret always becomes clear.” This is an axiom. What fate befell Andrew? Husband betrayed his soul mate. The end of his life was deplorable. And Valentina found the strength to fight for a good cause. The woman emerged victorious from this battle. Behind her back, the closest intrigues were woven, they tried to drive her crazy. Valentina persevered, she proved that she is a person with a firm position.

The film “Labyrinth of Illusions” is about the need to fight to the end. It is important to discard all doubts and fears and go to the intended goal. On the way you will meet vile people, envious people, gossips. You have to be above it. However, in pursuit of one’s ideals one should never cross moral boundaries.

The film’s ending was extremely revealing. The strength of a mother is invincible if she uses honest methods. Good always triumphs over evil. Despite the fact that some viewers empathize with Margot, it is worth recognizing that she acted meanly not only in relation to the people around her, but also to her own child. She sincerely wanted to help the boy, but chose the wrong ways. There are many more kind people in the world than envious and selfish ones. Sometimes you just need to ask for support, and a caring and sincere person will definitely extend a helping hand to you. There are always chances.

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