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Everyone loves magical New Year holidays! Classic cinema especially pleases the soul and inspires you to have a pleasant time with your loved ones. The best selection of the most beautiful paintings will lift your spirits and warm you up on winter evenings.

“New Christmas trees”

An exciting story about a charming boy is ideal for New Year’s Eve. His journey from Khabarovsk to Moscow ends in an amazing and magical way. Egorka dreams of her mother’s affection and soft hands, and his video posted on the Internet brings tears to the presenter Ksenia and all residents of Russia.

“Very Bad Moms 2”

The plot centers on three friends – beautiful mothers Emmy, Kikki and Carla. Emmy’s New Year’s mood is based on her desire to stay home with the children after riding the roller coaster. But her plans collapse under the onslaught of the grandiose plan of her visiting mother, who wanted to make the holiday chic and unforgettable.

“Home Alone” (2021)

Charming Max is ten years old, and his deepest wish – to be completely alone for Christmas – is coming true. The funny thing is that he is forgotten in the house, and the mother discovers her son’s absence only in Japan. But the boy has problems: he is suspected of stealing a porcelain doll worth a fortune. Jeff and Pam decide to return the missing toy and stage a burglar show at the Mercer house. The funny couple will find traps and obstacles set up by the clever boy.

“Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath”

The charming comedy reveals all the magic of the New Year, shows the moment of love between two unusually charming main characters who met this wonderful holiday in the most original and unexpected way. Zhenya is not married, he plans to do so in the near future, but his fiancee Galya still does not evoke any special feelings. Soon he will have to realize the fullness of love in another city, where he will meet the beautiful Nadya. But the hero will have to justify himself to the charming landlady all night. And gradually he will realize that he is falling in love with her.

“The Nutcracker and the Four Realms”

The winter extravaganza attracts with the triumph of magic and fantasy, transporting you to the magical world of music and fairy-tale locations. This is the amazing story of the beautiful Clara, who finds herself in the unknown expanses of the Four Kingdoms. The sweet heroine unravels the mystery of the golden ring and opens a portal to a magical world in which there are so many Snowflakes, Flowers, Entertainment and Sweets. Acquaintance with the Nutcracker became fatal for the noble Clara, and together with this brave friend she manages to defeat the Mouse King.

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