The meaning of Vasily Sigarev’s film “To Live”

A person can cope with any trials that have fallen to his lot. He can love, knows how to feel, knows what suffering is. Even a complex, confusing situation can be understood and accepted. Sometimes it seems that there is no way out at all. Sometimes a person cannot open his eyes due to mental pain. Fate is sometimes unfair. At any moment, it can take away the most precious thing we have – our loved ones. After a personal tragedy, a person ceases to live, but simply begins to exist. Meaning is lost, taste is lost, the ability to desire and dream is lost. But the characters of the film “To Live” by Vasily Sigarev are against such a development of events. Heroes are not ready to lose. They are in a fight with fate itself. But who will be the winner?

The title of the film already indicates the main idea of ​​the director. Strong bright film “Live” about those who have lost the most valuable thing in life. Such people sometimes ask the question: “How to continue to exist?”. And they don’t get an answer. Heartache burns from within. She presses, hurts and does not let go. The person is unable to control his emotions. Sometimes he needs time. A lot of time. But the pain doesn’t go away.

There are three stories in the film. And each of them is about death. About the death of a loved one. How do families deal with this loss? Is it possible to recognize what happened and accept it? This is precisely the meaning of the film “To Live”. The characters in the film are absorbed in inner experiences. Their former lives are in the past. Each of the characters in the film reacts in their own way to what happened. Sometimes their dead relatives visit them. Then the character is lost, he no longer understands what is happening. The line between hallucinations and reality is blurred.

There is no sentimentality in the film. This is a hard life film that makes you understand the truth. After viewing, the audience remains in a strange state for a long time. They look at everything and do not see. They live together with the characters of their story again and again. Each episode is a personal tragedy. The depth of the experience is amazing. The film shows how some people are deaf and blind to other people’s troubles and misfortunes. As if trouble would never touch them. They think only about themselves, not paying attention to others who need help.

The poignant film has a capacious name – “To Live”. It is to live. Under any circumstances, it is important to find the strength to move on. Life is so easy and so difficult when you lose your loved one. This is an irreparable loss. Is there life after the “most terrible event”? The director of the film “To Live” tried to answer this question.

The main idea of ​​the tape is that trouble can come at any moment. Even when you don’t expect it at all. It seems that there is a long and happy life ahead, but the irreparable happens. Hopes crumble like a house of cards. A gaping hole forms in the heart, and emptiness in the soul. It’s hard to find any words. And are they needed? Grief completely consumes the characters. They are left alone with their misfortune.

The real world in the film “To Live” is presented in gloomy mournful colors. Everything around is covered with fog, saturated with grief. Coldness and alienation reign. It’s like every man for himself. Despite the fact that the director showed only three stories, the viewer understands that these events have no geographical boundaries and time frames. In the center of the film were a resident of the Russian hinterland. But these are not unique characters. They are ordinary people who have lost their loved ones. These three stories affect everyone. They raise difficult questions for which there are no clear answers.

The mental suffering is unbearable. They haunt the characters day and night. On the screens, the viewer sees a real nightmare. But the director did not leave the audience alone with their thoughts. He seems to be telling everyone that there is a way out. No matter how deadlocked the situation may seem, you can find the right solution. Such a simple recipe, but extremely difficult to implement. How to exist after what happened? How to seek and find the strength in yourself to live?

Children should not die before their parents, death should not separate lovers, parents should not abandon their children. In the daily rush, many people forget that everyone’s life is limited. Truthful and brutal, the film makes viewers think about important things. Everyday routine things take energy and strength. People focus their attention on problems, forgetting about true values. There is nothing more precious than human life. Our loved ones are the people we love the most. Even your own existence is not as important as the life of a loved one.

After watching the film “To Live” a heavy impression remains. But this is a special feeling. This picture is designed to make the existence of people more meaningful and filled with really important things. A person should learn to boldly look forward. And live. Despite all the trials that he has to go through. And after the tragedy that happened, you also need to live. Even if the heart is torn to pieces, and the soul is filled with unbearable experiences. Only such a life takes on a slightly different shade.

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