The meaning of the war film “White Tiger”

The film “White Tiger”, based on the work “Tankman” by Ilya Boyashov, contains many allegories, abstract images, symbols. This is not an entertainment film. The film “White Tiger” contains a hidden meaning that can be understood with some effort. The film directed by Karen Shakhnazarov tells about the events that took place during the Great Patriotic War. Let’s try to get to the bottom of the truth and find out the main idea of ​​the White Tiger film.

The meaning of the film “White Tiger”

Director Karen Shakhnazarov dedicated his large-scale project about the war to his father, Georgy Shakhnazarov, who was a participant in the Great Patriotic War. At the age of eighteen, he went to the front. The film “White Tiger” is also dedicated to all veterans of the Great Patriotic War and Soviet people who experienced the horrors of that difficult time.

In the movie, “White Tiger” is not just the name of an elusive German tank. This is a collective image, consisting of blood, fear, horror. This is the embodiment of war, which has neither beginning nor end. The director in the film considered a very subtle matter – the attitude of a person to ongoing events.

War. A difficult and terrible time for everyone who faced it. The battlefield, which becomes a place of huge losses not only from the fighters, but also from the civilian population. The director brought into his work the legend of a mystical tank that no one could overcome. But then a simple soldier, a tanker, appears. He had a hard test. 90% of his body was burned. However, the virtually nameless soldier was not only able to survive. The character has been restored. He seemed to be born again, but with a specific mission. People who get this percentage of burns die most of the time. But a miracle happened to the main character. Now the character has only one goal – to destroy the enemy tank.

The soldier Ivan Naydenov is the personification of the Russian people. People who knew the horrors of war were morally and physically exhausted. They were dying of starvation and harsh wartime conditions. But they did not think to give up. They lived with the thought of victory. They did not even consider another outcome of the war. The horror and chaos they faced could break them. However, this did not happen. So the tanker Naydenov found the inner strength in himself to fight further.

In the film “White Tiger” tanks are like people. Every car has a soul. They acutely feel the approach of danger and keep every incident in their memory. The protagonist is obsessed with the “White Tiger”. But even this elusive tank focused only on this character. The director analyzes the war with the help of these vivid images. The meaning of the film “White Tiger” is to clearly show how the common Russian people fought against a fierce and furious enemy. Sometimes it seemed that the enemy army was one step ahead of the Soviet people. Soldiers seized every opportunity to destroy the enemy. They believed in their victory, they believed in the strength and power of their country.

The “White Tiger” is a symbol of evil that is present in every person. There are negative personality traits in everyone. However, some of them skillfully hide. It is impossible to completely get rid of your inner demons. The day will come when we will reveal the qualities that we would like to hide. The “White Tiger” is also the personification of the inner emptiness that every person seeks to fill. However, over time, she can absorb it completely. Everything depends on each of us.

The meaning of the finale of the film “White Tiger”

The white devil was never defeated. Damaged, broken, but not completely. He dissapeared. But the time will come, and he will return. How many years must pass? Nobody knows. The meaning of the White Tiger finale is to show that our life is a constant struggle. Not only with external opponents, but also with oneself.

At the end of the film, Colonel Fedotov reminds Naydenov that the war is over. However, the protagonist has his own thoughts about these actions. He has a goal – to burn the elusive German tank. A collective image that carries pain, loss and destruction. Will the character succeed in bringing his plan to life? No. The “White Tiger” is the personification of our anxieties, fears and doubts. They haunt us throughout our existence. This film is not only about the war. The film also talks about our unconscious manifestation of emotions. The struggle was and is always there. And it will continue. It is internal and external. This is part of the life of any person. Like love and hate, like truth and lies, like trust and betrayal. Positive and negative emotions should not die, because without them the meaning of our existence will be lost.

The final scene is a conversation with Hitler. It contains the main idea of ​​the whole film. An excuse before a mysterious stranger is something that does not leave any viewer indifferent. The film “White Tiger” is not just about tank battles. A film with a deep philosophy that not everyone understands. Before attacking the prey, the tiger must lie low. That is why the director chose this name for the tank.

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