The meaning of the space movie “Sputnik”

The events in the film take place back in 1983. The spacecraft returned to the planet. However, some significant details were hidden from the public. One of the two astronauts suffered memory loss, while the other cannot be considered alive at all. What happened. At first glance, rapidly developing events have nothing to do with common sense. But the creators of the film “Sputnik” think otherwise. Let’s try to unravel the director’s idea and understand what the main idea is in the picture.

The meaning of the movie “Sputnik”

The film “Sputnik” is not just a horror and science fiction film. This is a deep drama that reveals the true feelings of a person. Who is cosmonaut Veshnyakov? The mistakes he made led to irreversible consequences. However, the astronaut did not want to change anything. He simply did not want to admit his miscalculations and failures. He tried to shift the responsibility onto someone else. It doesn’t matter who. The main thing is that he should not be blamed for what he did. The position of a person who is afraid of appearing weak.

The heavy tense atmosphere, skillfully created by the director, attracts the attention of the audience. Soviet science against the alien, consisting of flesh and blood. An unexpected story that does not let go until the very end. The line separating horror and melodrama is extremely difficult to grasp. And is it necessary?

The hero has returned from outer space. However, he is not entirely alone. The meaning of the film “Satellite” is to expose the qualities of a person. In addition to positive personal characteristics, each of us has negative ones. But some stubbornly hide their disadvantages, demonstrating their advantages. It is good when a person tries to rethink his behavior and draw the right conclusions. However, there are those who are simply a coward, who “dirty dirty tricks on the sly.” This is extremely low. The film “Sputnik” reveals the true essence of man.

For Russian cinema, the film genre is quite specific. The horror film is a fairly new trend for our viewers. The picture “Sputnik” turned out to be rich and energetic. This is not just a space horror movie with an abundance of blood, although there are creepy scenes. This is a melodrama, and science fiction, and a bit of a love story. Perhaps the director should have paid more attention to medical research. However, this is an amateur.

A bit hackneyed in Western films, the story surprised with its unexpectedness and depth of thought. Decent idea with good implementation. The cast is well-chosen. Fyodor Bondarchuk revealed himself from a new side. Close-ups of his hero leave no doubt that everything is happening for real. In the film “Sputnik” eternal values ​​are touched upon. We see how the heroes face betrayal, disappointment, despair. Truth, lies, deceit, salvation. The director tried not to miss the details that reveal the depth of the idea.

Saturated dialogues reveal the main idea of ​​the film. The heroine of Oksana Akinshina already once faced a difficult choice. Then she was saved by inner endurance and courage. But fate has prepared a new test for her. Her actions can be called reckless. However, he brought good results. The consequences of her choice were highly unpredictable. But nothing disturbed or stopped her. She confidently moves on. Only forward. The image created by Oksana Akinshina makes one admire the heroine. She is true to her word and deed. She proves it over and over again. The heroine has strong moral principles that are not even amenable to discussion. A strong personality, from whom some should learn confidence, fortitude and responsibility for their words and deeds.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Sputnik”

Many viewers after watching the movie “Sputnik” are in some confusion. How to relate to what you see on the screen? How to understand the meaning of the unexpected ending? The film “Sputnik” showed the heroine’s uncompromising attitude towards moral values. This is something that cannot be bought, transferred, sold. This is what the person himself comes to. His views and life aspirations.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Satellite” is to show the viewer that true heroism does not need approval or agreement. He is quiet, most often unnoticed by anyone. The main idea of ​​​​the ending is to convey the idea to the audience that you do not need to tell everyone around you about your good deeds. The main thing is not to commit vile deeds behind the backs of others.

If desired, weak points can be found in the film. However, this is for those who do not understand the true meaning of a fascinating tape. The film “Sputnik” is a step forward of Russian cinema in the horror genre. And is it worth looking for cons, if there are obviously more pluses? The unexpected denouement of the picture shows the “skeletons in the closet” of each character. Someone confidently went to the end, despite all the difficulties and obstacles. And someone just got scared, gave up, choosing an easier path. But what is the result? Each of us chooses our own path. External circumstances make their own adjustments. However, we always have the last word. Therefore, every decision must be well thought out.

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