The meaning of the song “Tea, Indian tea”

Ayub Vakharabov’s song called “Indian Tea” was written a long time ago, but did not attract the attention of listeners to itself at the time of its appearance. Only now is the 21st century, in which even the most forgotten musical compositions can find a “second life” thanks to memes and various funny videos. This is what happened with Indian Tea. Thanks to the Tik-Tok application, the composition began to instantly spread with the help of users, which made it a frequent “guest” of the so-called trends. A cheerful motive, catchy melody and lyrics did their job – now everyone knows about the song. Even those who have never heard of her before! But behind the cheerful sound, there must clearly be something deep, in other words, meaning. You can’t say phrases that stick in the brain to the music and consider it a full-fledged song. Or is it possible? Let’s figure it out!

The meaning of the song “Indian tea”

In fact, the song has very little meaning. It seems that the author has included in the song absolutely everything that could sound at least somehow attractive. This, by the way, is evidenced by the use of several languages, including English. It is unlikely that this technique has artistic value, but, for sure, it was used for a simpler selection of rhymes, as well as for giving the musical composition an unusual sound. It is simply impossible to explain the mixture of different languages ​​otherwise.

The first part of the film is a celebration of tea. He really plays a huge role in the life of the eastern and southern peoples, and therefore the attitude towards him is appropriate. Surely, the performer wanted to show the important role of the drink (or plant). And he did it – the part of the song about tea is the most popular.

Gradually, the action is transferred to the love theme. Tea is behind, and in front are relationship problems. The hero insults the girl (it is not known why), and then declares that the Chechen people are the best. Why is that? Where is the connection? No one knows, perhaps even the performer himself. As mentioned above, the pursuit of a memorable sound makes itself felt.

The finale of the song is dedicated to some Zaire. Surely, this is a real girl who has a certain love relationship with the author of the song. Ayub Vakharabov declares that he loves a woman, that he wants to spend his life with her. Therefore, he invites her to visit him in Chulga-Yurt. By this he shows his affection for the girl. The man says that he is tired of just talking about love, so he wants to show it. How was it related to tea? We don’t know, nobody knows. But young people on Tik-Tok like this song, so its popularity does not subside. Although it is a matter of time – soon the “Indian Tea” will be forgotten, like a hundred such works.

Ayub Vakharabov was able to create a composition, the meaning of which is not so important for the audience. Cheerful sounding, memorable motive – unfortunately, now the popularity of the song does not need more. “Indian Tea” can perhaps be attributed to simply cheerful songs that will soon be forgotten. As a rule, such musical compositions do not claim to be popular for a long time, but they guarantee fame to the performer. So it will be in this case, because already now they are starting to forget about the song. “Indian tea” has already experienced its peak of popularity. Soon he will leave the Internet without a trace.

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