The meaning of the serial film “Fortress”

In the first season of the picture there are 24 episodes. In the center of the plot is the love story of a serf and a landowner, people from different social strata. It is difficult for them to reunite and become a family, society cannot understand and accept the unequal union of lovers. In addition to the love line, in the picture you can see all the cruelty and injustice of serfdom.

The content and meaning of the series

main characters

The main character of the film is a young girl Ekaterina (everyone called her Kitty, in those days it was fashionable to change names in a foreign manner). Katya is beautiful, fair-haired, blue-eyed. Educated, well-read, trained in good manners. He has a gentle nature and an unusually kind heart. Others think that Kitty is part of a wealthy family, but she is just a serf girl, an orphan that anyone can offend or sell to other owners.

The owners of Kitty, a married couple, Anna and Peter Chervinsky. Anna is a wise, warm-hearted woman, the godmother of the girl, does not have a soul in her goddaughter, her husband is a landowner, cruel, has an absurd character. The couple have an adult son, Gregory, who returns from the war at the beginning of the series. He is a copy of his father, wayward, spoiled.

There are many serfs and servants in the house, each has a unique character, but, in general, they are good people, they are friendly to the main character, help her. And the blacksmith Nazar is completely in love with Katya.

Natalie’s neighbor is from a family of wealthy landowners, a smiling girl with a kind heart, she treats Kitty very warmly.

Aleksey Kosach, a man from a neighboring estate, like Grigory, had just returned from the war. A handsome and pleasant young man, he took an important place in Catherine’s heart.

The meaning of the main part of the plot

We are talking about the middle of the 19th century, in Russia serfdom has not yet been abolished. Accordingly, the population of Russia is divided into free people and serfs, bonded. The picture shows the complex relationship between landowners and serfs, their unjustified rigidity and injustice. Serfs are treated like slaves, beaten, bought and sold, their opinions are not taken into account.

Thanks to the kindness of Anna, the mistress of the estate, Kitty is in a special position in the family. She does not do dirty work, is not subjected to corporal punishment. The girl herself does not understand why she is in this position, it is somewhat burdensome for her.

Nevertheless, much reminds her that she is a serf: Anna’s husband and son do not consider the girl, the husband considers her a “simple girl”, the son harasses. But in an unfair world, Kitty has real friends – Anna, Natalie, Pavlina the cook and all the serfs in the house.

The girl falls in love with Alexei, whom she met by chance. Their feelings are mutual. But they are of different blood, their union cannot exist. But true love can overcome many obstacles.

A sticky web of intrigue is woven around the romance of Catherine and Alexei. First of all, Gregory tried, offended, because he did not manage to take possession of the serf.

The owners do not give a free girl, Alexei is trying to buy a serf from the family, but there is no money, he is in a difficult situation. Through gambling and other complex manipulations, the man still finds the right amount. He is ready to redeem his beloved from the Chervinskys, but Grigory intervenes again.

In this story, there are good people, kind, disinterested, who consider serfs to be people, and try to help them. There are also petty tyrants-landlords, for whom serfdom is an opportunity to have power over people, which they willingly use. The fierce opposition of these two groups of people and the third group, the serfs themselves, is shown.

The meaning of the ending

There is no happy ending in the first season: Grigory killed Alexei. Kitty suffers greatly, she has lost both her loved one and her godmother, who has always helped her. The girl is sold to another landowner, once also in love with Alexei. She takes revenge, in every possible way mocks the poor fellow.

Thus, the cruel laws of the world, in which serfdom reigns, and people are equated with slaves, triumphed. Mutual love was blocked by oxygen, they did not allow a happy family to appear.

The picture reflects events from the history of our country, makes it clear how much people suffered from serfdom.

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