The meaning of the Russian film “Row 19” directed by Alexander Babaev

The film premiered in 2021 and received a large number of positive reviews. The film in the genre of mysticism and detective was rated in 60% of the votes of the audience, marking the film as quite interesting and worthy of attention.

The plot of this film is quite simple and common for many Russian films: Katya, together with her little dock, flies on an airplane at night. There are few passengers inside, and this gives even more fear: completely incomprehensible things begin to happen in the cabin: for many, Katya cannot find an explanation and any understanding with common sense. During the flight, Katya looks into the eyes of her fears and returns with her thoughts to her childhood, where she had to endure one of the most important and difficult fears in her life. She manages to overcome her difficult fear, going through the worst test of her life.

What is the point of this movie? Each of us goes through difficult times throughout our lives. Most often, the foundation of fears and complexes is laid in childhood. All our problems, self-doubt, the desire to become better come from childhood. The reasons for such problems that the child takes with him into adulthood are the rejection of society, the limits that are too narrow for this child, problems with classmates and parents, excessive demands, the desire to comply and be the best, the desire to prove one’s importance and necessity in society. Such an unbearable burden of responsibility, which falls on a fragile child, as soon as he has become at least a little adult, often breaks him and gives rise to complexes, mental trauma. The child does not understand what he is doing wrong, and from this closes, looking for a better version of himself, falling even deeper into depression.

The child became an adult and dragged all his problems from childhood into adulthood. People who have not been able to get rid of all this either carry this burden on their shoulders all their lives, or go to work through such injuries with psychologists, or try to overcome it all on their own. The last option requires a lot of effort and iron willpower. Most people leave everything as it is, and only a few go to a psychologist. Katya transferred the main fear of her life into adulthood – she saw it with her own eyes. They say if you’re afraid of heights, you should jump with a parachute. So to speak, knock out a wedge with a wedge. To overcome her main childhood fear, Katya had to live it all over again. At the same time, she had no option to give up and be afraid further – there was a little daughter nearby, for whom Katya is an example to follow. A little daughter should not know that her mother is afraid of something and bear her mother’s injuries on herself. Therefore, Katya had no choice but to cope with her feelings on her own and overcome the fear that had accompanied her for such a long time.

Throughout the film, I want to understand what the heroine feels now and what is happening in her soul. Looking at what a strong fear lives inside her, I just want to sympathize with her and help her survive this fear, which fetters and does not allow her to breathe normally. It is only thanks to the tense natural atmosphere of the film that it already deserves attention: the film is really shot in the best traditions of horror films, from which the blood freezes and the hair moves on the head.

Many critics are positive about the film and the work of the director in general. The acting also deserves attention: they very naturally conveyed the entire necessary range of emotions, played their roles in such a way that the viewer really believed in the naturalness of the situation and that one could fight one’s fears. Sometimes you even need to be a happy person. Life is not so long as to live it in complexes and fears. It is necessary to fight them, because it is fears that spoil our lives: they do not allow us to develop and stubbornly go towards our goal.

We advise you to watch this film in order to get a ready-made scenario of behavior with your fears: in order to destroy him and become stronger, you need to appear before him and look into his eyes. Then it becomes very easy to overcome your fears if you have self-confidence inside.

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