The meaning of the movie “Trigger”

Drama “Trigger” is a poignant story about finding yourself. A supporter of shock therapy in the treatment of patients, psychologist Artyom Streletsky adheres to his views on life. First of all, a person must stop lying to himself. Only after that his life can be called joyful and happy. What is the hidden meaning behind the movie “Trigger”?

The meaning of the movie “Trigger”

Psychologist Artyom Streletsky is not accustomed to stand on ceremony with his patients. He ruthlessly ridicules people’s shortcomings in an attempt to push clients out of their comfort zone. Artyom himself is the author of his own method. The psychologist not only provokes clients, but also offends them. He was a successful practicing psychologist until one day the unthinkable happened. He was convicted of incitement to suicide. But did Artyom feel guilty?

The hero is sure that he has nothing to do with it. This is a terrible set of circumstances. Now he is trying with all his might not only to prove his innocence, but also to restore relations with his ex-wife. Artyom seems at first glance to be a cynical, boorish, ruthless character whose goal is to humiliate and insult customers. However, this is just a mask behind which hides an insecure, weak, traumatized person. Artyom himself takes all failures to heart and takes stressful situations hard.

The point of the movie “Trigger” is that you should never draw conclusions about a person based solely on his appearance. Each of us has our own fears, weaknesses and complexes. What one person copes with easily and naturally, for another is an unbearable burden. We are all different and our perception of the world is also individual. The method invented by Artyom is not suitable for every client. Some characters who have to face a traumatic situation again may withdraw into themselves and completely stop trusting people. Others are too painfully experiencing an insult in their address. And there are those who under no circumstances want to leave their comfort zone. Artyom dreamed of appearing self-confident, knowledgeable, successfully practicing psychologist. He wanted to help people, and he needed help in the first place.

It is interesting to watch the sessions of a psychologist. Despite the fact that the film is made up of several episodes, trips to a psychotherapist do not turn into a routine. Many viewers will look at themselves from the other side and determine what they need to work on. The main thing is not to get hung up on your complexes. It is important to remember that everything is fixable. It is only necessary to contact a specialist whom we can open up and trust. Then you will overcome any stress, and your life will play in a new way.

The meaning of the ending of the movie “Trigger”

Artem Streletsky used an amazing and very original method. She deliberately provoked her patients into re-plunging into the situation that had traumatized them. The psychologist was sure that one had to fight mercilessly with one’s complexes. You should not work out your fears, you need to confidently face them and ruthlessly eradicate them. A trigger is a trigger that should be triggered when a traumatic situation is re-experienced. It is after this that a chain of psychological reactions will be launched, which will lead to complete healing.

Throughout the film “Trigger” the viewer sees the tearful face of the boy several times. The character is so defenseless, scared and vulnerable. When Artyom tried to help his clients, he himself needed support. His patients did not come to him from a good life. They were frightened by their complexes and fears. The meaning of the finale of the film “Trigger” is that a person himself must want to change and overcome his obsessive thoughts. There are different ways to deal with stress. However, what works for one person may not work for another.

Artem tried to help himself. Throughout the film, the viewer sees how the hero had an inner core. He did a soul-searching and realized in which direction he needed to move. He no longer does waste time proving himself right. Artyom decided to direct his energy in the right direction. The psychologist personally tempers his character. To do this, he independently comes up with instructions that are mandatory for execution. The director tried to draw the main idea that the viewer should understand for himself through the entire film. Any stress must be dealt with. And it doesn’t matter what position you hold.

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