The meaning of the movie “The Other Side of the Moon”

The Russian science fiction series “The Other Side of the Moon” is filmed in the detective genre. Initially, some viewers may think that this is another movie about the police. But it’s not. The meaning of the film is hidden much deeper than it seems at first glance. The events unfolding on the screen resonate in the present. Some of them are completely intertwined with the future. This creates a special atmosphere, captivates, does not let go of the audience until the very end.

Fans of the series do not just watch an interesting picture with exciting events. They have the opportunity to analyze the connection of the past, present and future. And this is always valuable. The actions of the characters are interconnected. Nothing goes unnoticed. Each of your actions must be analyzed in order to prevent mistakes in the future. A person is not immune from all problems and misfortunes. Sometimes external circumstances play a big role. But everyone can understand for himself why this happened, how to prevent this in the future.

The creators of the film “The Other Side of the Moon” take viewers to the Brezhnev era. Not all people will understand and appreciate the film. But for some, this series will refresh memories of youth, childhood. How did people live during that difficult time? What values ​​did they have? What were they interested in? Did that generation have their own idols, ideals? It is always interesting to compare what has changed in such a short time. Nostalgia, curiosity, genuine interest. And what’s next?

The images of the characters are revealed gradually. I want to observe the actions of the characters, understand their thoughts, the motives of their actions. In one episode, the viewer can relate negatively to the character. But development is on the rise. And now the fans of the tape are imbued with deep sympathy for the characters. The logic behind the investigation is sometimes hard to grasp. Some actors are in their illusions. Only this does not prevent them from making decisions that affect not only their lives, but also those around them.

The film “The Other Side of the Moon” shows that no one is immune from mistakes. However, it is worth remembering that you should not do anything out of inertia. Otherwise, the result will be disastrous. You can not be guided solely by your feelings and emotions. This is a road to nowhere. Even in difficult situations, you need to remain calm, and not succumb to panic. The main character is in constant search. He expects to come to a compromise. For him, family and work are in the same place. He rushes about, can not choose. Work takes too much time. But he cannot do otherwise. The character realizes that he has found his calling.

However, he understands intellectually that it is impossible to devote himself entirely to professional activities. But is it possible to combine personal and service without harm to each side? Is it good to be a workaholic? Or is it better to focus on the people closest to you? Each viewer must answer these questions for himself. After all, what is good for one is absolutely unacceptable for another.

There are no flashy special effects in the movie. Yes, they are not needed. It is much more interesting to observe living people, their feelings and emotions. Actors don’t just play their parts. They live the lives of their characters, make the audience smile and be sad, think about the most important things. What choice would a person make if they were in the place of the main character? In the first episodes of the series, it is difficult to look into the glassy eyes of the main character. However, over time, the viewer realizes that the character’s gaze is turned to the future. It’s like he’s not in his era. He is somewhere far away, all the problems that are around him do not apply to him.

Light, filled with interesting events, the series “The Other Side of the Moon” allows viewers to look into the subconscious of the protagonist. A worthy film that helps to understand the nature of human actions. The era depicted in the film is gone forever. This makes it even more interesting to touch her. An incredible journey through time that will not leave anyone indifferent.

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