The meaning of the movie The Monk and the Demon

The film The Monk and the Bes tells the story of a monk who endlessly struggles with the demon that overcomes him.

Ivan Semyonov wanders around various monasteries, but never stays anywhere. Other monks are frightened by the strange changeability of Ivan’s behavior. Now he stutters, then unrestrainedly strikes the tongue.

Such oddities are explained simply – a cunning demon inhabits a monk. Once the abbot asked the monk obedience – to clean the well. And the demon that has taken possession of Ivan fulfills his obedience with the help of other monks, against their will.

A strange monk asked for confession to the abbot. He repented of sins that you can’t even call sins. The abbot listened to him and sent him to fish. And the devil, with his diabolical power, caught a fish that is not found in the local river. The abbot of the monastery decided not to let the monk into the territory of the holy monastery.

And the devil continued his ugly antics. That will seem to be the highest spiritual rank and gives advice to the rector. And he advises to make Ivan his successor, seducing the abbot with future income and praising the blessed monk, then he turned into a lady.

Obsession, and only. The monks are tired of their strange brother. They tied him to a raft and launched him into the river. And the water carried the monk back. The monk was sent by order of the abbot to wash the linen. At this time, the emperor was passing by the monastery and asked for shelter in the holy monastery. The guest asked if there were any miracles in the monastery. He was treated to a strange fish. And the devil continued his jokes. Either he will transfer the unfortunate monk to Jerusalem, or he will tempt him with a modest meal. The unclean spirit is trying to win over the blessed one to its side. And when Ivan dies, the demon goes to the monastery.

The meaning of the movie The Monk and the Demon

The film has a secret meaning. The eternal struggle of good and evil, a believer and a demon named Legion. But the demon in the film is a little strange.


Sometimes he argues very unusually for evil spirits. It turns out that evil spirits, like people, also have love for their parents. Only the demons call it differently. But Legion talks very touchingly about how his mother woke him up in the morning. Although it is possible that in this way the messenger of evil spirits is trying to seduce the monk. Still, this is the duty of an unclean spirit.

The Legion constantly literally mocks the monks. Through the mouth of Ivan, the demon pours out teachings, strange phrases, and thus confuses other monks.

The power of faith

He became attached to Ivan from childhood, when he saw the true faith in the eyes of the boy. The demon is sure that there is no humility in Ivan, which is why he became attached to him. But the spirit of lies once let it slip that the demon is assigned only to the righteous. The Legion was filled with pride, but that was the nature of demons. The demon wants to make Ivan rector, but the holy soul of the monk resists. Each time Ivan becomes stronger than the demon. But he is still afraid that the Legion will again simply burn the monastery.

In a conversation with Ivan, the demon pours out proverbs, moreover, accurate and well-aimed. In the conversation, the demon and Jesus Christ are mentioned. According to him, the demons respect him. And the devil is hated. As the Legion says, that’s the way it is with them. And here, too, there is a hidden meaning. The devil, according to the Legion, is just an effective leader.

The demon over Ivan is endlessly outrageous. And he is trying to understand why God sends him such trials.


And the devil needs Ivan’s soul. The monk outwitted the demon and signed the contract with a cross. The monk and the demon are very similar, both are full of sayings. The demon tempted Ivan for a long time, but the power of evil spirits over the monk was weakening.


Sometimes such a life is unbearable for Ivan, and he prays to God to deliver him from the demon. But God has his own plans. Perhaps he wants to test the monk’s true faith.

When the Legion brought Ivan to Jerusalem, he continued to tempt the monk. The demon showed him how people trade in God. They sell crowns of thorns, crosses without the image of the Savior. The crafty seducer tries to make the monk doubt the true faith, but does not reach the goal. Ivan defeated the demon in his soul. He died, and the impure remained out of work.

Educational sense

The creator of the picture shows that one should not form an opinion about a person without understanding the truth. After all, true righteousness is not visible at first sight. Many saints and righteous people were subjected to ridicule and persecution during their lifetime.

Gogol’s legacy

There is also some humor in the film. The characters are shown from all angles. Both advantages and disadvantages are clearly visible. There is no clear division into black and white in the film, there are shades. And that’s what makes the movie interesting.

Reminds me of a painting by Gogol. There is a combination of funny and scary in the film. No wonder the Legion in the body of a monk tells at the beginning the story of two writers, one of whom is a black man, and the other with a bird’s nose.

The meaning of the ending

After Ivan’s death, the demon went to the monastery to serve God. The Legion decided to become an acolyte. But if the demon really decided to follow in the footsteps of Ivan, then we can talk about the victory of good over evil, the saint over the demon.

Although it is possible that this is another insidious plan of the demon. And the Legion did not leave his pride. But pride is a grave sin.

There is another option – the Legion was left without a job and decided to look for a new victim. In this case, the eternal balance between good and evil will be preserved.

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