The meaning of the movie Text 2019

The most sensational premiere of Russian cinema in the fall of 2019 was the film adaptation of Dmitry Glukhovsky’s book “Text”. The directorial work of Klim Shipenko turned out to be as biting and concise as the title itself. Urban noir, diluted with romance, knocks you down in the literal sense: after watching the social drama, no one remains indifferent.

What is the movie about

Ilya Goryunov, a philologist graduate from Lobnya, comes to Moscow to walk around the city at night. The couple goes to a nightclub with the symbolic name “Paradise” in order to turn the life of the main character into hell very soon. At the club, Goryunov gets into a skirmish with a young FSKN officer, Pyotr Khazin. He does not remain in “debt” – he plants drugs on Ilya.

Goryunov “rewinds” all 7 years of the colony. There is no place for him in freedom: no relatives, no work, no faith in a better future. The guy is maturing and the idea of ​​​​revenge on Suke is getting stronger (as he calls Khazin for himself). Ilya finds the offender through social networks, and after a couple of days he meets him in a dark alley. “Conversation” turns into the murder of Peter. Goryunov, with his desperate hopelessness and lust for life, has no other choice but to hide the corpse and … take Khazin’s smartphone with him.

From that moment on, Ilya Goryunov ceases to exist – Pyotr Khazin continues to live, but already in words, in the text of messages. The chic life of the Moscow major Khazin and even his beloved girlfriend Nina belong entirely to Goryunov, but only in the virtual space, depending on the percentage of the smartphone’s charge.

The finale, as befits noir, is dramatic: the system swallows the protagonist. Ilya dies, but his memory lives on: Nina and her grown daughter come to his grave.

Meaning of the film Text

The text contains several semantic lines tightly intertwined:

Political overtones and the power of the System. A combination of circumstances makes a drug dealer and convict out of an exemplary provincial student. The millstones of a rotten law enforcement system are crushing everyone who stands in their way. Khazin also felt the impossibility of resisting the rules: if the father is a general, then the son will follow in his footsteps, and after that – a marriage of convenience with the ugly daughter of his father’s boss, so that “strangers” do not get into this clip. Yes, and in relations between drug dealers and investigators there is no confrontation: it is more like a business relationship, a partnership. Tragedy of the Little Man. Goryunov is originally a non-hero and a non-hero. These are perhaps his main definitions and main problems. Unprotected in this world from nothing, the Little Man tries to survive, but fails. Here you can draw a parallel with the “Brother” by Sergei Bodrov, adjusted for the happy end: in Brother, the hero “succeeded”. There are no winners in the Text: everyone is crushed by the system in their own way. Goryunov at the end of the film “grows” into a hero, but all around is scorched earth. Gadget is the main character. Without a smartphone, the movie would end before it even started. The smartphone automatically buries Goryunov and revives Khazin. Because we have long become information in our gadgets: status in social networks, vacation photos, a spicy video with a girl, favorite music – the whole life of investigator Pyotr Khazin is concentrated in a smartphone. Thoughts, feelings, experiences can be measured in gigabytes. A person disappears – pixels in the screens continue to live for him. To paraphrase the author’s thought: “We are just a text.”

The meaning of the final film Text 2019

At stake is the life of Goryunov himself and the salvation of Nina (whom he managed to fall in love with with a live, non-virtual love). Ilya does not leave himself a chance: on the screen we see a bloodied table.

In the last frame, Nina and her daughter are standing near the grave of Ilya Goryunov. In the film, the voice-over does not report this, but we understand that “the secret became clear”: Nina found out who dissuaded her from having an abortion, who confessed their love in messages, who protected and protected her so fiercely and tenderly.

The smartphone makes Goryunov related to Khazin: Ilya becomes Peter in the proposed circumstances. Involuntarily, he tries to improve the relationship between father and son (and he succeeds), gives Khazin’s mother the warmth she needs (as if he makes up for the lack of tenderness with his own already deceased mother). All the efforts of Ilya are just a printed text of SMS messages typed in a second, but it changes people’s lives in a very real space.

Involuntarily becoming a hostage of someone else’s image, Goryunov does not change himself: between good and evil, he again and again chooses the bright side. Love for the girl Nina, mysterious to him, finally burns all the bridges of doubt, making a real hero out of a philology student and a former convict. This means that the system is not perfect. Her weak point is the lack of truth. The history of the little man is looped again, confirming the indestructible truth that strength is in truth. And in love.

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