The meaning of the movie Speakerphone 2019

The Russian film “Speakerphone” is presented by the famous “Quartet I”. The comedy film is an adaptation of the Italian film Perfect Strangers. Intriguing plot, ease of perception and incredible acting. But what meaning did the director put into his work? What should the viewer think about after watching the movie “Speakerphone”?

What is the movie “Speakerphone” about?

The height of summer is a great time for joint gatherings with loved ones. Bosom friends also decided so. Two heroes, together with their spouses, arrived at their old friend. Another friend, a bachelor, also drove up to them. As always, in splendid isolation. His new companion stayed at home due to illness. They all settled in a huge country mansion. Weekend, great mood, sincere company. What could be better?

Their friendship is over thirty years old. The characters seem to know everything about each of them. Friends are sure that there are no secrets between them. Moreover, at dinner in a relaxed atmosphere, four comrades declared that they had nothing to hide from their companions. Wives, not believing the words of old friends, began to tease them.

The wife of the owner of the house, and part-time professional psychologist, offered the guests an interesting game. When the “Mafia” was already bored with everyone, the heroine announced the new rules. All those gathered put their mobile phones on the table, all SMS messages are read aloud, all incoming calls should be answered exclusively by speakerphone. Who dares to participate in a funny game? What will lead to a seemingly harmless pastime?

The meaning of the movie “Speakerphone”

An entertaining psychological film that reveals the secrets of the human soul. This is not just a comedy, it is a life and very instructive story. Is it always necessary to tell the truth? A question that everyone asks himself at different times. Sometimes, after all, a sweet lie is better than a bitter truth that no one needs.

“Speakerphone” is a story about human relationships, about adult problems that are familiar to everyone. Treason, betrayal, deceit. How to become condescending to other people’s weaknesses and shortcomings. How to learn to be more tolerant of the feelings of another person. What is considered “normal”? Where are the boundaries that must not be crossed under any circumstances? Eternal questions that concern not only old friends, but also viewers?

Why do many people seek to learn other people’s secrets and secrets? Why do they need this strange information? What are they planning to do with her? Sometimes it is better to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself so as not to shock others. The ability to empathize, hear and understand each other is extremely important in human relationships. Is it worth it to start a game of revelation?

This film reveals the problems of family relationships. Spouses for years of a joint life face many difficulties. How do they get out of difficult situations? Do they find the strength to understand and forgive their soul mate? Couples should definitely watch the movie Speakerphone to learn a number of valuable lessons for themselves. Everything in life is not perfect and smooth. In every family there is a place of misunderstanding. People won’t always love each other like they did the first year they met. Each family has its own troubles and difficulties. How the spouses overcome them, their future life together will depend on this.

But is it worth dedicating your soulmate to all your secrets? How to prevent deception and betrayal? Why do people look for dates on the side and intrigues for one night? Love feelings gradually fade away, they are replaced by habit, routine, monotony. Some in everyday life do not have enough bright emotions and new sensations. That is why people “jump with their heads” into the maelstrom of change. To prevent this from happening, it is important to work on your relationship. A family is at least two. And it depends only on these people what kind of life they will have together. Sometimes you should show more attention, care for your soulmate, then she will reciprocate.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Speakerphone”

Before the start of the fun game, the gathered seven friends could not even imagine what new things they would learn about each of them. Amazing discoveries will shock your friends. Incidental and awkward situations follow one after another. At first, the funny game was perceived as a joke. Friends felt stupid. Then the characters became cheerful and funny. But when “skeletons” fell out of everyone’s cabinets, it became already scary. It seems that a grandiose scandal is growing with great force.

The end was uncomfortable and scary. But the final scene was extremely unexpected. A happy ending put everything in its place. However, next time you should think twice before agreeing to such a fun game.

Some viewers perceive the film as a comedy. Others see a deep philosophical meaning in the film. Take a closer look at the characters, feel the feelings and emotions that they experience while sitting at the same table. Are you ready to “bare” your soul even to your closest ones? What secrets are better not to spread? After watching the movie “Speakerphone”, the viewer will learn a very important life lesson for himself.

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