The meaning of the movie Plant 2019

The plot of the film is quite interesting – the enterprise is closed due to its unprofitability, and the workers take their boss hostage. A seemingly simple story about kidnapping and robbery, digging deeper, reveals to its viewer a lot of problems of our time, without any special effects.

So, before you start explaining the film “on the shelves”, you should tell a little about its author. Yuri Bykov himself admits that his entire childhood was connected with the “story of a little man.” Also, it is worth mentioning the principled director, who refused to direct the shooting of one of the famous commercial films, explaining his departure by saying that he does not like the idea of ​​​​transforming a very scary crime story into a simple mafia legend. This can also explain the success of the film, which has such a principled director.

Unknown people demanded a very large ransom, and the head of the businessman’s bodyguard, his nickname is Fog, is taken to take the money. Real specialists immediately come on call, who know how to act in such situations. And Kalugin himself does not immediately distinguish this situation from his “dashing 90s”, where such kidnappings and extortion for this subject were just a routine that did not deserve attention.

The only thing this oligarch did not take into account was that the workers had nothing to lose. Replica. which one of them shouted out during the next meeting was quite symbolic, the worker asked if Kalugin was afraid of a strike. The oligarch could only once again sneer. A good and symbolic start, isn’t it?

The meaning of the film Factory

An interesting situation is shown, in which it is too late to change something in a peaceful way, to create some organizations like trade unions, given this boss. And immediately, on a subconscious level, an ordinary viewer understands how it came to this, this is indicated by many symbolic hints, which are full in the film.

By itself, the theme of arbitrariness of the authorities or any uprisings can be traced like a red thread in the work of Yuri Bykov. He often tries to convey the problems of social injustice, the “little man” and others in his work, with symbols he calls to fight against an unjust system and arbitrariness. Some people have an opinion that Bykov himself simply cannot accept the imperfection of the world, and the very name of the film “Plant” is symbolic – after all, his films are similar to each other, and are stamped like at a factory. However, these are only subjective opinions.

Bykov’s memoirs are very filled with live events: for example, he often tells that all his childhood was spent in an ordinary trailer, and one of the highlights is “mother wakes me up at night to go steal cabbage, because there was absolutely nothing to eat, and there were already a hundred the same hungry children came up. So the problem of injustice has been acute for Bykov since his childhood.

At the same time, it is quite remarkable that the center of all troubles is not, as is customary in Russian stories, a malicious bureaucrat (after all, officials are always to blame in Russia), but there is a clear shifting of the status of the main culprit to the capitalists. Bykov, although an ardent idealist, was able to quite accurately capture the essence of the root cause of all the misfortunes that he described in his picture, because the reason is the owner. Yes, exactly, the owner, who has grown around himself a whole network that provides pleasure for him alone.

And the workers oppose this very owner. He wants these men to see all their happiness in finding a cheaper bottle of vodka, and they, in turn, begin to understand that happiness lies in family, friends, relatives and loved ones, and the alternative to this is the very misfortune that they tried to drown out over a glass of wine.

We can also see very well how much people can do when life is threatened. Kalugin and Vladislav Abashin (Fog) express a certain calmness only at that stage, while the whole picture revolves around money. But when they realized that they did not know who to pay, everything became much more interesting for the viewer, because the characters cannot solve the problem. And when life is threatened, they begin to quickly buy and sell everything, even the lives of dear people and each other. They fight in this way for their power, with the help of which they will be able to maintain their ability to earn even more money.

What is the movie Factory about?

For Kalugin, Sedoy’s principle of defending the truth is just dust. He does not understand him, and, if possible, will call him only a “fool”. One against all, not a warrior in the field, but his work will go further. But Kalugin’s servant, Fog, was the very first to understand that they were seeing a real revolution. After that very difficult night, our solver of all problems did not get into her jeep, but went on foot from the coveted plant. The old guard could only look after him, and the same mongrel wagged its tail obediently.

The meaning of the ending of the film Factory

The action of the picture takes place at a factory located in the outback of Russia. Because of the director’s pursuit of personal gain, the enterprise goes bankrupt, and dozens of people are left both without a salary and without a job. A revolt rises among the staff: some people silently leave without disputing anything, while others, on the contrary, are planning an uprising.

Soon, the team makes a rather risky decision to take hostage the chief director of the company, through whose fault they lost their jobs. Very soon, two more sides join the conflict: a special-purpose detachment that arrived on a regular call and the personal protection of the direct director of the company.

The key idea of ​​the film’s ending, as well as its own, is the intersection in one place of people of different classes, but one “blood”. All the people shown in the final shots are real men who have gone through the war; they all lost comrades and people close to them, however, due to life circumstances, they were divided into three different groups of different classes. Some of them work in the elite security, others in a state organization, and still others, in turn, are forced to give all their best at work for a penny.

Thus, the film shows one of the unpleasant aspects of life, when all seemingly the same people have different statuses in their careers.

Bykov, like any artist, set as his goal as much as possible without subjectivity, to show our world in all its reality. And only to us, the viewers of this wonderful picture

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