The meaning of the movie Loyalty 2019

Jealousy, betrayal, divorce. Scary words that many would like to avoid. However, sincere romantic relationships are often replaced by misunderstanding, distrust, scandals, and suspicions. It is difficult for people to control their emotions, they do not discuss problems with their chosen ones, but immediately proceed to rash actions. Russian drama film “Fidelity” (2019): the main idea, problems and meaning of the film.

What is the movie “Loyalty” about?

The events of the film “Loyalty” unfold around a married couple. The beautiful wife Lena graduated from the medical specialty obstetrician-gynecologist. Her husband, Sergei, is an actor who plays in a small provincial theater. At first glance, an idyll reigns in their relationship, and the house is a full bowl. Despite the fact that the spouses have everything, not everything is going smoothly in their family life. The characters don’t have intimate relationships. At all.

The wife understands that this is not normal. Lena suspects her husband of infidelity. But the woman is not ready to figure out what prompted her husband to take such a step. Lena did not begin to improve relations, she did not want to have a heart-to-heart talk with Sergey and find out his point of view regarding this problem. The woman moved to drastic measures. She herself plunged into the maelstrom of change. However, the consequences of the wife’s reckless act became extremely sad. The heroine did not expect such an outcome of events.

The meaning of the film “Loyalty”

After watching the movie “Loyalty”, a lot of things turn over in my head. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts. Immediately there is a great desire to talk with your partner, find out what problems he is worried about. The main point of the movie is that you should never jump to conclusions. It is important to learn to talk with your soulmate, to hear, listen and understand your partner.

A film about not having to fantasize in your head without knowing the true set of circumstances. There will always be problems. This is an inevitable part of life. However, there is no need to be silent about the difficulties in the relationship. If you have chosen a partner for yourself, tied the knot with him, you must be honest with him to the end. No circumstances should affect you. No temptations, gossip, rumors, intrigues should change your opinion about the second half.

A life film that reveals human vices and shortcomings. Why are there so many divorces now? People have forgotten how to trust each other. At the first difficulty in a relationship, many try to find a new source of inspiration. The family is devalued. in pursuit of new vivid sensations, people lose the main thing. After the film “Loyalty” comes the realization that emotional groundless conclusions do not lead to anything good. Even if it hurts, offended, incomprehensible, you need to find out the position of your partner. Most likely, everything is not as scary as we imagined ourselves.

You should never ignore the issues that concern you. Especially in the family. That partner is the closest person. It is no coincidence that you tied the knot. Initially, you counted on a long and happy family life. But at what point did everything go wrong, where did the failure occur? Why kindred souls begin to move away from each other.

Manifestations of love, sexual desires and fantasies. A frank picture that makes you think about why people meet and get married. The audience must learn from the mistakes of others. There is always a way out of a family crisis. You just need to act wisely, not succumbing to emotions. The realism of the story is creepy. A useful film that shows with its clear example how not to act.

Attention, care, mutual assistance work wonders. However, people who have been married for several years, eventually forget about it. Routine, everyday life are replacing bright emotions and happy relationships. Indifference is very dangerous. Selfishness in a couple is unacceptable. A family is at least two. All problems in a couple should be discussed and solved by joint efforts. You have to learn to compromise. And most importantly, committing a mean act. it is important to remember that “the secret always becomes clear.” This is a rule with no exceptions.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Loyalty”

There is such a wonderful saying: “Loyalty is in the head.” One cannot but agree with him. A person with strong moral principles will never fall into a maelstrom of betrayal. He doesn’t need it. No relationship problems, no quarrels and scandals, misunderstandings in a couple will make him reconsider his values. Such a person is not capable of betrayal and a mean act towards his soul mate.

The consequences of rash decisions and actions were very sad. Premature wrong conclusions break not only families, but also destinies. It is impossible to cross the line of what is permitted. You need to think many times before moving on to drastic measures.

A frank life movie revealed problems that are familiar to many couples. For most spouses, it is not customary to discuss intimate problems. People are silent about their desires, they do not ask questions of their soulmate. And everything seems to suit everyone. But it cannot go on like this for long. Problems pile up like a snowball. If you leave everything to chance, family relationships are doomed to divorce.

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