The meaning of the movie “Elephants can play football”

The film “Elephants can play football” tells about Dmitry, who becomes a player. But then he decides to quit. But how to do it if you don’t even know what game it is?

According to the plot of the film, Dmitry is a specialist in the field of entrepreneurship. Circumstances develop in such a way that he comes to Odessa. He was in this city years ago. He has a friend who they used to be friends with. Now it’s time to pay him a visit. A friend is having a holiday. His daughter has a birthday. Masha, that’s his daughter’s name, wants to study at the university and doesn’t know which institution to choose. She asks Dmitry for advice, but he has his own opinion.

The film was directed by Mikhail Segal. Prior to that, he only made small music videos. His track record includes work with the Bi-2 group and Joseph Kobzon himself. Segal came to the film industry not so long ago. He did not have time to do something significant there. He made four tapes. One of which is “Elephants can play football”. Segal has a peculiar manner of narration. This film is also not without hidden humor. One name is worth it. The whole picture as a whole is a big joke. The viewer is always waiting for something.

The main idea of ​​the film is to find your place in life. The problem of lonely people, failure in life is also raised. Some people carefully hush up a similar problem, but it does not go anywhere. Today it is not enough for people to have a good job, money, they need something else. The film clearly shows that Dimitri is well-employed, but nothing is said about what exactly he does. The protagonist of the film has a lot of troubles, but he tries to solve them in various ways, and non-standard ones. There are many situations that the viewer cannot predict before they happen.

In this regard, the film can be given a huge fat plus. The unpredictability of the plot makes you sit without looking up from the TV screen. As a result, there are many humorous or not entirely clear moments in the film. This only makes it more interesting. In general, it should be borne in mind that the director of the film was Mikhail Segal, who until then had shot only music videos. This also leaves its mark on the work.

The hero wants to empathize. It evokes sympathy in the viewer. especially the weaker sex. This is a successful entrepreneur. He has few emotions, he is a reasonable person, he loves when everything is laid out on the shelves. It is located in the south. He decides to visit a friend whom he has not met for many years. As a result, he meets a young girl of about 17 years old. As a result, the tragedy of the situation is that the main character, on the one hand, is a strict man, uncommunicative, but seeking the company of completely young girls. As a result, he can do stupid things. And the viewer is waiting for something terrible to happen.

The film is divided into three parts, which are united only by the hero Dmitry. Each of these parts has its own main character. They are all at a fairly young age. Dmitry has the most tender feelings for each of them. Here we must recall the film “Lolita” by Dmitry Nabokov. There was a constant expectation of something erotic. It is from there that the atmosphere of the tape “Elephants can play football” is taken. The viewer is always waiting for the closeness between the characters. Sometimes it seems that the director is joking like that, enjoying the tension that he created. As a result, everything will become clear to the viewer only before the very end of this work. Maybe the director intentionally complicates everything, creating heaps of plot twists. In this case, the base or core is quite simple. That’s the beauty of it.

After all, everything is done professionally. And what if Mikhail Segal remained a clip maker. And this time, he also presented the viewer with the usual set of short clips. Something like a Wish Tree. When notes with wishes are hung on the branches of a tree. So here. It’s just a storyline. Branches with notes come from it, in which certain plot moves are written. As a result, it turns out that you follow the various intrigues of the film, and the denouement is very simple. That is, the audience plucks little notes from the tree, read them. Etc. until the notes run out. And there will be only a bare trunk.

As a result, the film is recommended for viewing. This is a tense thriller with a surprise ending. Today there are not so many good films in this genre.

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