The meaning of the movie Coma 2020

The Russian science fiction film “Coma” is not inferior to Hollywood blockbusters. Great cast, gripping storyline and incredible special effects. The audience has been waiting for the release of the domestic film “Coma” for a long time on the big screens. The premiere date has been pushed back several times. However, the wait was worth it. But what is the meaning of a bright and rich motion picture? What did the director want to convey to the audience with the help of his brilliant work?

What is Coma (2020) about?

The life of a promising young architect after a terrible accident was divided into before and after. The talented hero outwardly did not suffer much. However, his inner world has changed dramatically. The architect woke up in a strange and frightening reality. Now his world is the memory of people in a deep coma. After the accident, the life of a talented young man resembles chaotic fragments from the memories of the victims.

But for others, this new reality of the protagonist remains unnoticed. For all other people, a person who is in a deep coma is just a hospital patient with almost no signs of life.

The young architect now faces a difficult task – to learn how to exist in a new reality for him. Ahead of him are exciting adventures, a meeting with the love of his life and an understanding of the main thing. What is Coma, really?

The meaning of the movie “Coma” (2020)

Parallel world “Coma”. Incredible set consisting of the memories of many people. There are no physical laws in this world, it cannot be embraced, measured, calculated. There are no parameters and quantitative values ​​for it. Human memory is limitless. We do not even assume that there are some secret corners of our consciousness.

When a person is between life and death, what happens to his mind at that moment? Is there another side of consciousness? Is there a parallel world or is there only chaos in the new reality? The director, with the help of his film “Coma”, tried to answer these questions.

deep coma. Caught in this difficult state, people fall into a previously unknown dimension. Around only memories that do not know the laws of logic, physics, chemistry. Hospital ward. One room. However, it can be filled with anything. Mountain ranges, oceans, cities. The spatial characteristics of objects do not matter. But our hero is not alone. Other people are also locked in this certain dimension. On his way, a talented architect will meet those who will be completely satisfied with their existence in a parallel world. Strangers are fine. They finally found a home where they feel calm and comfortable.

Uncovering new facets of the human brain. This is the meaning of the fantastic film “Coma”. Is there life after death, or is it only emptiness and darkness that awaits people? Many viewers are concerned about this issue. What will happen to us in a parallel world? Deep medicated sleep is a way to touch another reality.

The meaning of the film “Coma” is to show the viewer what kind of struggle occurs in people who are between life and death. A coma helps to determine whether a person “clings” to his existence on the planet or he resigned himself and decided to go to another world. Memories haunt people who are in a coma.

Nobody knows our future. A successful career, a happy family, a successful person. All this is not forever. Human life can end suddenly. However, drug-induced sleep is a condition from which there are two ways out. Much depends on the person himself. The film “Coma” is about not worth dragging out a miserable, uninteresting existence. You have to fight, try, seek, explore. A person must learn and discover new things, travel, fill his life with meaning. So that at the end of your journey it does not become insulting and painful for the aimlessly lived years. You need to start now before it’s too late.

The meaning of the ending of the film “Coma” (2020)

A young architect who finds himself in new conditions does not understand whether he is still alive or already dead. Drug sleep had a profound effect on him. The hero had to experience incredible feelings and emotions. Victor met his true love. Now he must accomplish the main thing – to cross the virtual frontier and find a way out into reality.

The small world, consisting of the chaotic memories of people who fell into a coma, could not absorb the young man. The hero is stronger. He managed to escape from the scraps of human memory. The meaning of the finale of the film “Coma” is to show the viewer that a person can be stronger than circumstances.

The main character had many plans for life. However, fate decreed otherwise. He had to adapt to the new conditions of his existence. But even this difficult life stage did not break him. Endless movement, chaos and a complete lack of physics and logic. Even in this irrational world, you can find additional opportunities for your development. The meaning of the finale of the film “Coma” is to show people how to act in confusing and difficult situations, when it seems that there is no way out at all.

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