The meaning of the movie “Cococo” (2012)

The story of two polar opposite women who are radically different from each other is about the feature film of the Russian work “Kokoko”. This film belongs to the genre of social tragicomedy and depicts “two sides of the coin” – two different ways of life of representatives of the same nationality. The film was shown for the first time at the Kinotavr film festival in 2012 – both actresses were awarded the prize for the best female role.

They meet while traveling to St. Petersburg by train. Lisa works in a museum, she likes to delve into science, so she goes to the city purely for scientific purposes. Vika goes there to have a good time and have fun. Someone steals their bags and they are left without a livelihood, documents or personal belongings. Lisa, possessing great hospitality and peacefulness, invites Vika to live with her for a while. After that, the life of an intelligent and well-mannered Lisa turns into a constant round-the-clock party – Vika will teach her to come off to the fullest. Between this, the warm friendship formed between the girls will not develop into friendship, but will turn into quarrels and gossip. In the end, the decent Lisa almost gets the status of a killer, and the arrogant Victoria ends up in prison.

The point of the whole movie is that the saying “opposites attract” is partly true. However, the relationship of radically opposite people that has not always arisen can end positively and generally have a positive continuation. Yes, the girls were attracted by the fact that they are radically different, but the rejection of each other way of life pushed them away from each other.

The root of all this lies in the original upbringing, the way of life of the family from which the girls came. If Lisa has not been accustomed to late night parties, clubbing, intrigues and gossip collection throughout the whole time, starting from early childhood, then it is not surprising that at a conscious age she will choose a quiet life. It is strange for her to spend her time on partying, entertainment, incomprehensible acquaintances and one-night stands. The same situation with Vika – from childhood she did not know how to sit in one place for a long time, trips to crowded places were a necessary part of her life for her. Why suddenly, in the prime of her youth, should she abandon her former way of life?

But it was the interest in the unknown that attracted Vika and Lisa to each other: how does it feel to get to know a world that is completely opposite to yours, to understand what he usually does, what he thinks about, how a person who is radically different from you behaves? This interest faded too quickly, as love usually fades. We understand how a person lives, we unravel it to the end and it already becomes of no interest to us. So it happened with the girls: they understood everything about each other, and their paths diverged.

The meaning of the film is that it is not always bad to be different from everything. It is important to be different from each other in order to find your people. Yes, we are all different – in appearance, in character, in the perception of this world, but still we have something that unites us. But we cannot see him right away – you need to get to know the person better, live with him in order to learn everything about him. Someone opens immediately, and someone has to unravel all his life. This is how strong relationships between people are created – after going through hundreds of tests, getting to know hundreds of people, we find someone who can be unraveled for the rest of our lives. We stay with him forever – because there is a mystery, and there is something native in his soul.

The finale of the film speaks to where life can lead if we are not with the person we should be with now. Girls get into various situations associated with danger. All because at the right time they did not give up some decisions in their lives, did not change their minds. Sometimes not making major changes is just as beneficial as deciding to make them anyway. It all depends on the person – only he himself understands what decision is needed, and what is better to wait.

On the example of Lisa and Vika, we also see that opposites are capable of changing each other, at least a little, but still. Vika introduced Lisa to the world of discos, parties and relaxation, and Lisa showed that you can be decent and interesting to people without going to discos and skipping youth. Meeting, opposites to some extent sort out the features of another person. This usually gives both sides of the relationship a new flavor of their character, regardless of whether the relationship is between two girls, guys, or between two members of opposite sexes. Such acquaintances are not only negative, often this is the knowledge of a new person in order to find out how it happens with others.

A person is always attracted by something new, incomprehensible, unknown. Therefore, we like to learn details from the lives of our acquaintances and friends so much, we want to learn more about them, because we have not fully figured out this or that person. Opposites are okay. It’s interesting, as it’s a great opportunity to explore a new world for yourself in someone else.

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