The meaning of the movie “Alive” 2006

The Russian mystical drama “Alive” tells about complex and terrible events. One of the battles of the Chechen war. The reconnaissance group had no other options but to retreat. In the name of saving a wounded soldier, some of the scouts sacrificed themselves. The military actions are deeply engraved in the memory of the characters. The life of the protagonist is divided into before and after. The soldier does not understand why he survived. In the movie “Alive” everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Let’s analyze the film in detail to understand its main idea.

The meaning of the movie “Alive” (2006)

A strong emotional film is not built on special effects and explosions. In the center of the film are people with their feelings and thoughts. The director managed to create a special bewitching world that not everyone understands. About the film “Alive” we can safely say that this tape is for those who like to think, reflect.

The soldier returned from the war disabled. What thoughts are present in his head, because the character understands that now his life will change completely. The hero not only lost his leg. He spun his comrades-in-arms, who at the cost of their lives saved him. The meaning of the film “Alive” is for the viewer to see by a good example how the war breaks the fate of people. After what happened on the screen, our problems seem insignificant to us.

Cyrus was unprepared for what he had to face. The main character was a contractor. He just went to make money. However, what he saw and experienced completely changed his worldview. Cyrus after a while “met” with his comrades who died in battle. It was beyond his moral strength. In addition, comrades-in-arms had full equipment, they were armed. Despite the unreality of the situation, what he saw was close to Cyrus. The hero could not get used to a peaceful existence. He seemed to be waging an invisible war with the whole world. Not only those around him did not understand and did not accept him, but also his own family. After the events of the war, returning to everyday life became an impossible task for Cyrus.

Despite the horrors of hostilities, only memories of comrades-in-arms brought a smile to the face of the main character. The viewer watches how a real battle is going on inside the character. He fights with himself. He cannot accept himself after the events that have happened. Why does he live? For what? Why exactly him? These questions haunt the character. He cannot cope with his thoughts and worries. They are constantly chasing him. The film “Alive” tells about fidelity. Not only to a loved one, but also to yourself. The beloved of the character is not a table to accept him, because now he is disabled. Kira is painful and bitter to realize this.

Great importance in the film is given to dialogues, views. They can tell a lot about the hero, show weaknesses, fears and doubts. The viewer sincerely empathizes and sympathizes with the main character, who simply could not understand himself. Life seemed to have thrown him overboard, but he does not know how to swim either against the current or with the current. He failed. This does not mean that he has given up. The character simply morally could not live the way he used to. The hero did not want this. A real meaningful life remained on the battlefield, where the character was saved by his comrades.

The eyes of the hero can tell more than himself. They are completely empty. They don’t emit any light. An emotionless look is devoid of any meaning. What is going on in Kira’s soul at this moment? We can only speculate. The film “Alive” is about true loyal friends who are always with you. Both during life and after death. There is nothing to be afraid of with such friends. They say about such people that this is exactly the shoulder on which you can always lean. Such friends, risking their lives, go to the limit of external circumstances.

The meaning of the ending of the film “Alive” (2006)

The film “Alive” is a complex tape showing the participants in a terrible conflict that brought a lot of grief to ordinary people. This is an ambiguous picture that not all viewers will like. Lack of optimism, confidence in a brighter future and even tomorrow will make some of us turn off the film before watching it to the end. But there are those who will inseparably follow the fate of the protagonist. After the war, he simply disappeared. However, his whereabouts are known. He got lost in his mindset. He lives in the past, memories. Comrades saved his life, but died themselves. The protagonist lost his leg, and with it the meaning of further existence. Everyday problems seem so insignificant to him. Even his own mother moved away from him, became a stranger in the house. Cyrus understands that his girlfriend cannot accept him in such a state.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Alive” is to convey the drama of a person who could not cope with his memories, thoughts, emotions. Cyrus seemed to have left his soul and heart in that battle. The film captivates with its uncertainty. No one can guess what events await him at the end of the tape. The film “Alive” is about eternal values. About the power of true friendship, about good and evil, about salvation and betrayal.

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