The meaning of the movie “4” 2004

Many critics note that the film “4” is harsh and violent. However, some of the actions shown on the screen take place. Some viewers are sure that this film is extremely fair and honest. The film tells about the difficult choice of a person. What has he become? Who could he become? Does everything in our life depend solely on us? The beginning is very intriguing. The twisted plot is very emotional. The ending will be unexpected and memorable. Let’s try to understand the intricacies of the storyline and understand the main meaning of the movie “4”.

The meaning of the film “4”

The fascinating film “4” is very unusual. This is a film about a man. It’s just cloned. And now we have four characters. What connects them? The story promises to be terribly interesting. Scary and interesting.

Initially attracted colorful cast. The characters are bright and memorable. Each of the actors is distinguished by their signature vision of the situation and their opinion on the issues raised. A direct and open film tells about the lives of ordinary people. In the film you can see the picturesque landscapes of our country. Against their background, frames of devastation and chaos look especially miserable. The director focused on Russian reality. Some critics felt that he did not love his homeland at all. But the creator of the film “4” has his own point of view on this matter. The director built his tape on contrasts. Beautiful nature and dirt around, wealth and poverty, luxury and hunger. What is it: fate or the choice of everyone?

The meaning of the film “4” is to show the aspirations, plans, inner world of an ordinary person. How are we different from each other? Some of us have lost our life orientation, they lack priorities, goals. There are those who try to deceive themselves. And some even succeed. But not for long. Such people do not live their lives. They seem to have invented it for themselves. In such a life, everything is alien to them, they are moving further and further away from their real “I”.

The film shows what a lack of ideas can lead to. Everyone has to strive for something. After all, if a person wanders aimlessly through life, then nothing will happen. some are chasing material wealth, luxury, a high position in society. There are those who go right through the heads of others. Such characters usually lack moral values. For them, there is no line that cannot be crossed under any circumstances. But no one canceled the boomerang rule. If a person deceives, betrays, acts meanly towards others, he will have to answer for it. Maybe not now, maybe not in a year. But the time will come and it will happen. Not everything in life is measured by money. This idea has passed through the entire motion picture “4”. It is impossible to buy health, self-confidence, life ideals and values. The person himself must come before this.

Some viewers saw hidden subtext in the honest film. Because of the devastation and poverty, people have become embittered. They do not believe in a happy tomorrow, the future is extremely vague for them. They just live. They do not even live, but exist. Going with the flow, no one knows why, no one knows where. Often people are afraid of responsibility, so they can’t make a choice. But at this time, their own life passes by them. The film “4” tells each viewer that he praises sitting on the sidelines, watching others, envying the success of others. It’s time to take the will into a fist and go to achieve their own goals. You need to learn to dream, because dreams tend to come true. The main thing is not to be afraid, but to believe in your strengths and capabilities. The road will be mastered by the walking one. It is important to go with a good heart, an open soul and sincere intentions. Everything is in our hands, so they should never be lowered. Even if it is difficult, it hurts, but there is practically no strength.

The meaning of the finale of the film “4”

Emotionally heavy, filled with vivid episodes, the film “4” will not let the viewer relax for a minute. The motion picture showed the history of a man, his life path. But there is more than one character in the center of the tape. The director showed the fate of each character. They are so different. They are driven by different goals, they have opposite views on life. Someone puts before himself grandiose plans, someone drags out an aimless existence. After watching the movie “4” in the head of every viewer, the question involuntarily appears, what kind of life ticket did you pull out?

What is destined for you? Is there such a destiny? Thoughts, feelings, emotions. The heavy aftertaste after watching the movie is felt in all spheres of life. The viewer no longer wants to waste time, he seeks to fill his every day with a certain meaning. The main idea of ​​​​the finale of the film “4” is to convey the main idea. We ourselves are the creators of our destiny, our happiness. What our life will be depends primarily on us. It is foolish to blame everyone around, if we cannot even bear responsibility for our own actions. It hurts and is bitter about what some people turn their lives into. Awareness comes suddenly. But in some cases it is too late to change anything.

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