The meaning of the film “Whaler” (2020) by Phillip Yuriev

The film “Whaler” was awarded the main prize of the Venice Film Festival and received many awards at the Kinotavr Film Festival. Philip Yuriev described a wonderful sentimental story that appeared on the screens in 2020 and immediately won the hearts of fans of such feature films.

The work was filmed in Chukotka, the main location was the village of Lorino, in which an ordinary young guy Lesha lived. He was fond of whale hunting, made money on it, lived an ordinary rural life, but everything has changed since the very time, as soon as the Internet appeared in their village. The guy accidentally got on the site of an erotic video chat and there he saw a beautiful girl who impressed him with her beauty. She was silent all the time. Lesha fell in love with her very much, and, having learned that she lives in Detroit, he decided to come to her in any way and see her with his own eyes. He decides on the most courageous act in his life – he decides to overcome the waves of the Bering Strait and meet the one who won his heart through the monitor screen.

In the process of overcoming the main obstacle in the form of a strait, the guy grows up emotionally and psychologically – on the way to happiness, he has something that prevents him from being happy right now. This tempers his character, makes him more persistent, self-confident. This film combines great love, tenderness and grandiloquent impulses of a man’s ears with the harsh reality of the north – it is not known which will win.

The story is very sweet and such that it makes you tremble and worry about the main character, but why was this film made? The director decided to once again touch upon the theme of love in a person’s life, even though it has already been written about millions of times. In this case, feelings are reinforced by actions, the protagonist puts himself in danger. But he is firmly convinced that he will still be able to meet personally with the one that won his heart. Leshka does not take seriously the possibility of dying, he goes to his goal, despite the obstacles. He is warmed by love and tenderness for the very silent girl who looked at him from the screen.

The director shows how blind love can be, and this is more of a disadvantage than an advantage. The protagonist breaks off towards adventure, where, in his opinion, a beautiful girl in red lingerie is waiting for him, as she appeared before him in a porn chat. But is everything so perfect? Will everything be so perfect if these events are transferred to real life? A person is not sure that the one he fell in love with thanks to the Internet will be the same beautiful appearance and soul in real life. Therefore, the film is a little infantile, because the described events and actions of the protagonist are not always reasonable and appropriate in real life.

The film touches on the topic of love, which is important for everyone – this is the first film work of director Yuryev. He looks at an ordinary, but very deep feeling from the other side, showing what a person is ready for in the name of love.

But let’s think: are such actions justified? Is a person obliged to risk his life for the sake of an illusory happiness in the form of an actress in lingerie working in a porn chat? Let’s fast forward to ordinary life: she lives in the USA and does not need anything, he is an ordinary Chukchi teenager from a poor village on the shore of the bay, he is engaged in the whaling industry. Whether they will be together is a rhetorical question. This once again confirms that in the film all the events are very embellished, but the general romanticism of the current situation does not disappear from that.

The film will really appeal to fans of romantic adventures, as it shows all the courage of a person. It shows that Russia is not only Moscow, it is the diversity of cultures, languages, religions. This is an opportunity to show the features of life in Chukotka, the worldview of the inhabitants, their understanding of everything that happens. But it is important to remember that no matter what religion a person professes, what language he speaks and in what part of the world he lives, sooner or later he will know love in all its manifestations. A person understands that this feeling can push to unthinkable actions that have nothing to do with a sound mind and a strong mind. But from this love does not become less beautiful and the most desirable event in the life of any person.

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