The meaning of the film Watchman Bykov

An exciting plot, complex interactions of characters that are interesting to watch, unusual psychological portraits of characters. The author’s style of Yuri Bykov is recognizable from the first frames of the film “The Watchman”. The director talks about problems that are familiar to everyone. But what is the message of the film “Watchman” to the audience? What did Yuri Bykov want to say with a complex, confusing storyline?

What is the film “The Watchman” by Yuri Bykov about?

The main character is a forty-year-old watchman Vlad. He works in an abandoned sanatorium. Many years ago, Vlad decided to become a recluse, so he tries to avoid the company of people. But suddenly, at the door of the sanatorium, the watchman saw a married couple. Stas and Vera explained that they were hiding from Stas’ former colleagues. A runaway couple is trying to find at least some shelter.

The watchman was imbued with the incredible story of Stas and Vera. He decided to hide the married couple. The recluse’s heart shuddered, because it was in the fugitives that he saw kindred souls. Each of them is trying to forget their past. But is it possible to escape from the problems that have piled up? The characters will try to help each other. Once they chose the wrong way of life. The time has come to atone for your sins and free yourself from the burden that burdens each of them.

The meaning of the film “Watchman” by Yuri Bykov

The life of a recluse – the caretaker of an abandoned sanatorium – is devoid of any meaning. What is the duty of a hero? Protect someone else’s property, having nothing for the soul. Aimless existence. What does he live for? Every day is like another. No plans, dreams, desires? But what brought the hero to such a life? Why did he decide to abstract from society and settle in complete wilderness?

The image of an abandoned sanatorium. Perhaps this metaphorical figure denotes the ruins of a once huge prosperous country. Why do people on the outskirts experience a lot of problems, and their life is more like a miserable existence? Many are busy exclusively with their own affairs, not paying attention to the requests of others. People are blind and deaf to the problems of their neighbor. They are solely concerned with obtaining their own material wealth. Everyone lives in their own little world.

The image of a security guard. How does he spend his days? Without applying any special efforts and skills, the hero simply keeps order in the territory. No mental activity, no self-development, nothing to allow the watchman to increase his intellectual level or improve the quality of existence. So many in the country, being in the position of a security guard, simply vegetate their lives. No grandiose plans, aspirations and desires.

The hero himself is tired of his worthless existence. At the moment when he was determined to take his own life, he saw a sad couple. Perhaps it was Vera and Stas who helped Vlad rethink the values ​​of existence and understand that not everything is lost and he has a chance to change his life.

Actions take place in a snowy forest. Around cold, glassy space and emptiness. So it is among people who have forgotten about sincere and kind emotions. Thirst for profit, fame and success consumed people. Many have forgotten how to live with their hearts. They are driven by calculation and cold reason. No compassion and sympathy for the problems of others. No help for those in need.

The abandoned sanatorium is a closed space in which the heroes will have to coexist together. But will they be able to find a compromise or will they be mired in protracted conflicts. Offended by fate, the characters not only constantly sort things out, but also check each other for “lice”. Nerves to the limit. Complex interactions that reveal not only positive, but also negative personal qualities of the characters.

The watchman, tired of the company of people, learned the main life lesson for himself. Now he is ready to help kindred spirits understand their mistakes and find the meaning of their future existence. He will try to convey to the fugitives moral guidelines that will make their life more comfortable and fulfilling.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Watchman” by Yuri Bykov

A drama about human relationships. Complicated, confusing relationships that make loved ones unhappy. How to free yourself from the shackles of the past and start life from scratch? The watchman tried to escape from the sins of the past. Only sad eyes betray his long-standing misfortune. But can you run away from yourself?

When the caretaker let a runaway couple into the abandoned sanatorium, he didn’t just let them live in a quiet deserted place. He allowed them to enter his life. Each of the three heroes has a past that does not let them go. They cannot get rid of it, so they have to forget about a happy life in the present tense. Each hero has a weighty reason for despair. They have almost reached the line, after which there is no road to a brighter future.

The director raised topics that concern everyone. Can betrayal be forgiven? Is it possible to come to terms with an irreparable loss? Where is the line that should not be crossed under any circumstances? For which people honor and dignity are not an empty phrase, and for whom these words mean nothing? The finale of the film “The Watchman” makes you think about the true values. Happiness is already inside you. There is no past, there is no future. You have to learn to live for today, no matter what.

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