The meaning of the film “Under cover of night” 2016

Tom Ford’s Nightfall (2016) is a surprisingly dark moral tale of revenge and deceit, a complex film that can really be understood and deciphered. This is a film with a double-stranded narrative, and it has a significant gimmick to make us care about both stories in this film. Let’s take a step-by-step look at what the movie Under the Cover of Night is about.

What is Under cover of night about?

A scene in Los Angeles where Susan is a successful but frustrated and unhappily married gallery owner who has abandoned her own ambitions of becoming an artist and now specializes in trendy, challenging contemporary art. Her husband is cheating on her. She unexpectedly receives an unpublished novel from her first husband, Edward, whom she hasn’t heard from in almost 20 years. Sweet, romantic, sensitive guy from her native Texas, whose heart Susan broke twice: she traded him for her now rich husband, while declaring that he had no ambitions to become a writer.
Let’s go back in time to find out the details.

Susan specializes in art and meets a guy named Edward when she was still young. She refuses art because she feels that she is not artistic in her thoughts, she is too cynical. Edward hangs out with Susan’s brother to get as close to her as possible, she is his first love. Susan is also in love with Edward. Years pass and they collide in New York. Edward tells Susan that she should pursue art, not give it up. They fall in love with each other and start dating.

Eventually, they plan to get married. Susan talks to her mother about it. Susan’s mother warns that Edward is not right for her. This Susan may initially like his romantic nature, but end up hating him for not having the right attraction for wealth. Susan’s mother has shown herself to be materialistic and is confident that Susan will grow up to be the same. She doesn’t listen to her mother and marries Edward.

All is well at first, but gradually Susan gets tired of Edward’s inability to write. Edward aspires to be a writer, but writes about himself. Susan feels that this is not enough and his writing style or subject line will never make them enough money. Susan finally understands what her mother was trying to tell her and decides to leave Edward because she feels he is too weak. Edward still believes in their relationship and feels they can work it out. He tries his best to get Susan back, but fails.

Susan cheats on Edward with a charismatic businessman, Hutton Morrow. She also learns that she is pregnant with Edward’s baby girl. Hutton helps Susan get an abortion. While Susan and Hutton believe that Edward will never know, he catches them red-handed in a car outside the hospital. Susan has an abortion because she is tired of living with Edward and feels that having a child with him will only make things worse for her.

Edward is left helpless as his gentle, romantic nature has caused him to lose his wife and unborn daughter. Edward leaves and Susan marries Hutton. Years pass, 19 years to be exact, where we return to the moment where Susan receives the book from Edward.

The meaning of the film “Under cover of night” (2016)"Under cover of night" 2016

The point of Nightfall is that it’s never too late to start over. Susan starts to read. It’s not some literary fiction: it’s a brutal west Texas thriller, similar to what Jim Thompson might have written. Now let’s move on to history. Edward is Tony. Laura, Edward’s wife is Susan in real life. And India Hastings is the unborn child of Edward and Susan. And Hutton? Hutton is Lou, Ray and Turk rolled into one. Thus, Edward takes revenge on Susan and Hatton by doing several things at the same time. First creation of a critically acclaimed novel. Hutton’s second murder in the book.

Edward becomes someone else in order to get full revenge. He becomes someone he hates. Someone who pushes him away. But Edward/Tony will do anything to get revenge, even by becoming the one he hates. Let’s get back to history. Tony held Lou at gunpoint. And he makes Lou tell him what happened, admit what he did (Admit that he killed Edward’s unborn child). Tony then shoots Lou a couple of times.

The book is about revenge, and it’s revenge: a cherry bomb of rage and malice thrown at Susan’s perfect little life. It’s Edward’s furious way of making her feel something, something about him.

After all the years of material hunting, Susan is finally living an empty, meaningless life. Edward knows this. He puts his life into his book and presents it to Susan. She is instantly fascinated by the book, letters, and letters from Edward asking him to propose to them to meet. Edward replies that he will be in town soon and asks Susan to just tell her when and where. Susan is now in Edward’s shoes where her husband is cheating on her with another woman in New York. At the moment, Susan is extremely guilty about what she did and wants to meet with Edward and make amends.

Susan chooses a trendy restaurant and dresses up in a seductive green dress. We can see that she is happy and excited at the prospect of meeting and possibly returning with Edward. She is looking forward to him at the restaurant. Through the book, Edward subconsciously imagined how devastated he was when he lost his wife and daughter. All he wanted to do was let Susan know the consequences.

The final blow is that Edward is not going to date Susan. Susan understands what happened. Edward intentionally showed Susan a tiny but powerful ray of hope to add meaning to her life. He lets that hope build and finally confuses Susan by not showing her. She feels the burn after all. She drowns in the rest of her meaningless existence. Edward is no longer weak. He just let her know that he did it without her, and she didn’t go anywhere. In the book, Tony dies too, right? Perhaps part of Edward (the part that still loves Susan) is also dying.

Write in the comments your assumptions and theories about what the film “Under the Cover of Night” is about and what its meaning is. We look forward to waiting!

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