The meaning of the film “Three”

There are only three in the frame. An interesting decision by the filmmakers. Three actors tried to convey the feelings and emotions of the people who fell into the “triangle”. But what is hidden in a seemingly successful and happy family? What secrets do they keep behind closed doors? Let’s try to figure out what true meaning the director of the film “Troy” put into his work.

The meaning of the film “Three”

Three. There is no one else on the screen. This is a kind of world of the protagonist, in which he places himself on his own. She-He-She. This situation is familiar to viewers. No one would like to be part of the “triangle”.

At first glance, the married couple looks harmonious and prosperous. The couple have been married for a long time. Alexander is a successful presenter who is recognized on the streets. He has reached dizzying heights in his career. His wife, Zlata, is a psychologist. The heroine is sure that there are no such family problems that could not be solved. The main condition: spouses should always speak out their grievances and claims. You can’t be silent, pretending that nothing happened. Zlata tells her clients that all trials lend themselves to a rational explanation. Only the heroine does not yet know what she will face.

The third link in the “triangle” was the refined and open Veronica. The girl is sure that for the sake of love people should do anything. There are no boundaries before a strong and deep feeling. The one who loves has the right to everything. This is not only a creative feeling, but also a destructive one. However, this should not stop anyone. Many viewers can argue with the point of view of the heroine.

The director of the film “Three” took a fresh look at the hackneyed topic. There is no physical infidelity in the film. However, for many it is the spiritual connection that is stronger. The main character is in crisis. He cannot decide, he cannot find “himself.” Wife and girlfriend. Relationships with his wife “outlived” themselves. But he cannot betray her. Or doesn’t want to? The hero cannot decide to take a step that will put an end to his family.

The narration in the film is conducted on behalf of the deceived wife. The audience begins to sympathize with her, empathize. For many, the family is the raison d’être. Perhaps it is worth remembering the phrase: “You cannot build happiness on someone else’s misfortune.” There are moral boundaries that cannot be crossed under any circumstances. But what if love happened? The meaning of the film “Three” is that the viewer from different positions sees what a “love triangle” is.

Some episodes of the film can hardly be called real. The wife and mistress get to know each other and begin to communicate closely. They share secrets and secrets. Just what can be common between them? Why communicate with those who fight for one man? The director of the film “Three” touched on a difficult life topic. Those who are faced with betrayal experience unbearable pain. Nothing can heal this emotional wound. Over time, it drags on, but never disappears. From time to time, memories pop up in memory that carry a person in those difficult days.

While watching the film, the audience may have a question: “Why was the psychologist heroine unable to cope with personal problems?”. What went wrong in her family? Perhaps she trusted her husband too much. She just couldn’t imagine that he could betray her. The status of a “deceived wife” is insulting and painful. But everything is solved. It’s not the end of the world. It’s just a failure to be overcome. You shouldn’t fight for love. At the right moment, fate will surely give its person. The main thing is to believe and not despair.

The meaning of the ending of the film “Three”

The finale of the film “Three” remained open. What happened to the main character? The filmmakers did not give an exact answer to the question. Could he return to his wife? Did he manage to cope with the surging strong feelings? What is the fate of the deceived wife? Each viewer must answer these questions for himself. Despite the fact that this story is banal, it affects human destinies. On the screen, the viewer sees the torment, doubts, experiences of people. However, not everything is so hopeless. Each of the characters hopes for a bright happy future. Don’t look for happiness in another person. It is important to find it in yourself. Then life will sparkle with new colors. You need to love yourself first and foremost. This is the main idea of ​​the film “Three”.

Once in a difficult situation, a person sometimes simply cannot decide. On the one hand – the family, on the other – strong deep feelings. The character seems to be “torn” between two fires. Love or duty? The hero has no choice. The meaning of the finale of the film “Three” is for the viewer to understand what kind of existence the protagonist doomed himself to. He stopped noticing the beauty around him. One who constantly cheats can never relax. The character is focused and tense. He seems to be in a trap, in a dead end. He doesn’t know what to do. There is no right choice. There is only the choice made and its consequences. This is the main idea of ​​the film “Three”.

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