The meaning of the film “The Servant” by Vadim Abdrashitov

The two-part feature film “The Servant” by Vadim Abdrashitov was filmed in 1988. Some film critics believe that this film is more like a parable. Atmospheric, filled with emotions and deep thoughts, the film causes a lot of controversy among the audience in our time. A non-standard storyline, an interesting script and a talented cast ensured the success of the Servant film among connoisseurs of quality cinema. What is the true meaning of Vadim Abdrashitov’s film? Let’s try to figure it out.

What is the film “The Servant” by Vadim Abdrashitov about

The non-standard storyline of The Servant is in reverse chronological order. The action of the film and the memories of the characters are constantly mixed. A chance meeting of two heroes: a small official and a recently demobilized young man. What can be common between them? However, Andrei Gudionov, Pavel Klyuev seemed talented and smart. The head of the regional scale offered the former paratrooper the position of a personal driver. Pavel agreed. He performed his duties well. Andrei Andreevich had a bad temper. However, years later, he thanked his subordinate.

So Pavel Klyuev received not only a wife, a house, but also a position as a choir conductor. Official Gudionov was noticed and offered him a promotion. Andrei Andreevich was transferred to the center. Many years later. The former paratrooper is sure that Gudionov is dead. However, Pavel Klyuev does not know how to live without his master. After a chance meeting between Andrei Gudionov and his subordinate, life took a new turn. The official ordered Paul to find his main enemy. However, the former paratrooper overestimated his strength and delivered Bryzgin’s corpse to Gudionov.

The meaning of the film “The Servant” by Vadim Abdrashitov

The intricately intertwined plot of the film “The Servant” is similar to the difficult fate of people. Reality and fiction pass through time. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between reality and mythology. Andrey Gudionov and Pavel Klyuev were connected not only by work. This is not a simple master-servant relationship. Gudionov was able to give his subordinate not only material benefits, but also talents. Andrei Andreevich, a regional official, had incredible power. The hero personifies the image of the arbiter of fate.

The theme of the suppression of the individual, slavery in the film “The Servant” is a key one. The film by Vadim Abdrashitov is interesting because it can be transferred to the common Russian people. In the image of Pavel Klyuev, one can notice the features of an ordinary person. The Russian people bow to a tough leadership style. Many cannot defend their position, even express their point of view. People believe that it is easier to agree with the opinion of a powerful and tough ruler than to wish for a better life through change.

At the beginning of the film, Pavel Klyuev does not agree to the terms offered to him by the regional official. He is against being subservient. So are ordinary people. Having learned something new for themselves (especially if they do not like it), the inhabitants begin to resent, criticize, resist. However, this does not last long. Over time, humility comes, an understanding that their existence is not possible in a different way.

The eccentric tough master found ways to turn the former paratrooper, personality into his servant. Over time, Pavel Klyuev realizes that he cannot have a future life without the clear guidance of a regional official. He is used to being commanded and controlled. The meaning of the film-parable “The Servant” is to show the viewer what an uninteresting miserable existence a person can have without his own opinion. A person who follows the crowd, not taking into account their own interests and desires. A person who has come to terms with his meaningless life and who is not ready to change it for the better on his own.

The director with his film “The Servant” showed how you can turn your life into a meaningless existence on your own. Never lose your own “I”. The image of Andrei Gudionov, a regional official, is endowed with power, domestic problems, commercialism. However, the hero does not bend under anyone, but remains a person until the very end of the film. After watching the film “The Servant”, each viewer will decide for himself which character is closer to him, which character traits need to be borrowed, and which ones should be abandoned forever.

The meaning of the finale of the film “The Servant” by Vadim Abdrashitov

The final scene of the film “The Servant” puts an end to this whole difficult story. The imperious chief morally destroyed the former paratrooper. The chosen music of the ending emphasizes the drama of the whole situation. Pavel Klyuev completely obeyed his master. He disappeared, evaporated as a person. There was nothing left of him, no moral character. The hero gave his soul to his boss. Only the question arises: “Did he have it initially?”

The result was extremely sad. But how could it be otherwise? The meaning of the finale of the film “The Servant” is that you need to fight for your happiness on your own. You cannot shift responsibility for your life onto others. You can not meekly trust others and make them above yourself. Never forget your true goals and desires. Otherwise, what trace will we leave behind?

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