The meaning of the film “The Needle”

Everything connected with the name of Viktor Tsoi is now iconic: his interview, his songs and the film in which he starred – “The Needle”. This movie can already be called perestroika. But it compares favorably with other perestroika films by its high artistic level. The film was shot by a student of Sergei Solovyov, Kazakh young director Rashid Nugmanov. He specially invited non-professional actors for the main roles – just charismatic people from Russian rock and roll. Such as Tsoi, Mamonov. And the inimitable freaky Alexander Bashirov. Tsoi was ordered to play the Russian James Dean – a hero and a rebel …

The plot of the film “The Needle”

As the director admitted, he deliberately clouded the plot, removing everything secondary – this made the script mysterious. Moro, the hero of Viktor Tsoi, arrives in a city in which someone owes him, apparently, a considerable amount of money. We don’t know why – it will never be clear. We only see how the stoker’s assistant Bashirov runs away from Tsoi with an adjustable wrench. He promises to give the money later. Next, we see Tsoi at the shooting range, where his girlfriend Dina is training. He asks to be sheltered for a couple of days until he receives the money. Dina gives him the keys, but acts strange and aloof. Moreau does not recognize his old girlfriend: he sees that she communicates with some strange people, behaves suspiciously and, for example, keeps in the fireplace … morphine hydrochloride, a drug. Rather, the drug is brought into the house by some strange guest – his role is played by Pyotr Mamonov.

Moro decides to look into this whole story, finds a strange guest – this is the doctor with whom Dina works, Moro comes to the hospital and sees him. But Moro himself meets in a local bar with some suspicious types – it is not entirely clear on what matters. Then we see a fight – in the best traditions of militants. Tsoi, of course, emerges victorious from the fight with the criminal “bull”. There are symbolic shots in the film – a rolling stone in the desert. This is a metaphor for the character and lifestyle of the protagonist, who lives like a tumbleweed, free, not bound by anything.

Then we have a frank scene – not sex, no. Dina takes drugs, Moro finds her doing it. He wants to help his girlfriend, he persuades her to quit, and for this you need to leave the city, break all old ties and acquaintances. And so they do – they go to the desert, to the former, but dried up Aral Sea. But Dina secretly takes drugs with her – so a truly clean life does not work out. Then Moro steals drugs from her, Dina freaks out, goes through the hardest withdrawals, but after two weeks she is better.

Finally, the heroes return to the city. And the very first “guest” is a doctor-dealer, whom Moreau had already seen once. Moreau does not let him on the threshold. In the next scene we see the strange dance of Peter Mamonov. He deceives his accomplices, pretending that Moro took the ampoules.

Moreau leaves to meet with friends – he has not completed business with the debtor. In an abandoned zoo, we see a strange scene in which Bashirov delivers his famous speech, parodying, it seems, all the politicians in the world.

Moreau returns home. But then a gang of drug dealers becomes attached to him, who think that he stole the ampoules. Our superhero scatters them all. But, returning home, he realizes that Dina is hooked again. And then he leaves to deal with the main evil – the doctor, who, as Moreau is sure, hooked the girl up.

We see the scene in the pool, the monologue of Dr. Arthur, who, of course, is not to blame for anything, the drug addicts themselves demand a dose. Moro did nothing – he left. At the end, we see how the hero walks along a snow-covered alley, and the man who asked for a cigarette plunges a knife into his stomach. However, the authors made the ending ambiguous – we do not know if Moreau died or survived. But Dina must have died…

The meaning of the film “The Needle”

This is the first Soviet film about a lone superhero. We were shown a new, young hero who opposes the general decay and decay – social, moral. Only faith in oneself, one’s destiny and one’s path will save a person in a new, so terribly changing world. Dina did not find this support in herself, she is doomed. But the hero, who, in theory, should have died, is so strong that he is immortal, despite the apparently unfortunate turn of events.

The meaning of the ending

The hero goes into the distance, in the dark, along a snow-covered alley to the song that everyone seems to know: “Blood type on the sleeve.” Then we see the fight again – the one that was before. So the director insists that the spirit of the hero is not broken.

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