The meaning of the film “The Last Hero: The Root of Evil”

Not much time has passed since the beginning of 2021, and a Russian film premiere called “The Last Hero: The Root of Evil” has already appeared on the screens of viewers. The director of this film, Dmitry Dyachenko, showed everyone the well-known legend about once-existing heroes in a new style. The fantastic power of ordinary guys is shown in a new, non-modernist style, its heroes live in the modern world, but are forced, as before, to fight for justice with the dark forces and defend their case.

The audience noted a large number of successful and sparkling jokes, well-chosen music and an amazing game of the main characters. Everything is so believable and exciting that, probably, there is no person who would not be interested in this film. There are also moments in the film that squeeze out a tear and leave “food for thought”. In general, the film has a very deep meaning, and which one – we will consider below.

Ivan defeated the enemies and now Belogorye can sleep peacefully. Everything is calm in his life: he is preparing for the wedding, his father Ilya Muromets is nearby, but he is not calm by the thought of the Bogatyr Games, which should take place very soon. All the strong men of Belogorye will gather in one place to show their power and strength. Unfortunately, Ivan cannot call himself a hero, because he does not feel heroic strength in himself, and does not want to be ashamed, having disgraced himself in front of his bride and father. Ivan considers Phoenix to be his opponent, who, by the way, is breathing unevenly towards his Vasilisa. To defeat the awakened evil, Ivan has to find a common language with both old friends and those with whom he could not make friends. Together they go to distant lands, to another world, in order to understand where evil came from and how to defeat it.

The legend of the heroes has always captivated readers and made them empathize with them. But why did the director decide to move it to real time? What did he mean by this? Most likely, this was done in order to prove that a person can do a lot to achieve the goal. In addition, if he is faced with the task of saving the world from evil, a person is able to gather all the forces within himself in order to achieve victory.

In addition, one of the important themes touched upon in the film is the theme of love. Ivan is hurt that Phoenix is ​​not indifferent to his bride, and this gives him the strength to fight him. Here, a certain sense of ownership plays in the guy, he feels jealousy for Vasilisa, and because of this he is forced to show his strength in another world in order to prove his significance in reality.

Our world is arranged in such a way that every person who wants to achieve something in life must prove his worth and significance. He can do this thanks to his skills, knowledge, strength, superiority over others. Such people are very revered in society, their opinion is guided as correct. But in order to become such a person from whom they will take an example, you need to make a lot of efforts, which Ivan does. He sacrifices himself only to achieve recognition and finally defeat the awakened evil that has come to his city and disturbed the peace in it.

The meaning of the film is not to be afraid to express yourself to the whole world. As they say, knock and it will be opened to you. No one should be afraid to speak about their talents, to tell their thoughts to the whole world, to share their reflections on life. The more you talk about yourself, the sooner the world will talk about you. Such is the psychology of a person that he will be recognized only if they understand what he is. Excessive modesty does not help anyone and does not decorate anyone, it is rather the costs of the last century. Self-confidence, the desire to break through in society and take a worthy place under the sun are now in fashion.

At the end of the film, Ivan and his associates manage to defeat the evil that has appeared in their city. They did it thanks to their confidence and teamwork. If you are going to conquer the world, you need to reinforce your confidence with the support of friends and relatives. Their useful advice can not only instill self-confidence, but also support in difficult moments that may arise on a difficult path to success.

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