The meaning of the film “The Last Bogatyr: Messenger of Darkness”.

The film was shot in 2021, directed by Dmitry Dyachenko. Events unfold in the magical wonderful Belogorye. Preparations for the wedding of Vasilisa and Ivan are in full swing. A young couple in love solves various small issues that relate to the wedding. No one is able to disturb the peace and tranquility – the inhabitants of Belogorye have learned to cope with these troubles.

The water one pours water on enemies, they have nothing to do with dragon and monster raids. One Svyatozar understands that a full-scale disaster is coming. An evil witch attacks fairy-tale heroes. She flies into Belogorye on a magical she-wolf and kidnaps Vasilisa. Ivan will not just have to return his happiness. After all, Vasilisa is now in another dimension. Various funny adventures take place in modern Moscow – Kolobok fights with a motorcyclist, Vodyanoy rushes on a mortar, Hut on chicken legs runs along the modern streets of the capital and jumps over a car stream, Kashchei’s severed head is taken by people for a Chinese toy.

The waterman becomes an ordinary man. Baba Yaga was a little confused, she was shocked to see the exhaust napkins, she pulls them out with excitement and is surprised that they do not end. The evil witch in the film behaves in a concentrated and prudent manner. Romantic moments slip between Vodyany and Baba Yaga. Baba Yaga is jealous of Vodyanoy, who, having become a handsome man, begins to look at the surrounding chic girls.

There are two funny scenes in the film. The first is when they ridicule the Russian Post. The heroes say that in this kingdom, kikimores steal time from people. The second funny episode, when fairy-tale characters go for help to the noisy and bright Firebird. They hope that she will help find Vasilisa. The magic bird is played by Philip Kirkorov. A hilarious appearance will make anyone laugh: painted eyes and eyebrows, a large number of rhinestones and feathers. The bird calls, squeals and behaves capriciously. The interior of the dwelling is painted with gold – just to match the wonderful bird.

In the film, the viewer will see the theme of good and evil. This is not just a fairy tale for children, but a film for a wide audience with an embedded meaning. In every person there are inner dark sides that need to be fought. To be a happy person, you need to stop envying others, try to help your neighbors and be attentive to your relatives. The quality of life is directly proportional to the good done. In order not to regret the misdeeds committed in the future, you need to make the right choice now. To soberly evaluate and weigh actions is a very useful and necessary quality of a person. Good in fairy tales always wins insidious evil.

The film makes you think about the meaning of life. The film also shows the courage and ingenuity of the characters. This spectacular, funny and light plot will cheer up many. A charismatic look, together with makeup and fabulous clothes, allow the viewer to plunge into the world of childhood. The main roles are played by a wonderful cast – Viktor Khorinyak, Sergey Burunov, Mila Savitskaya, Elena Yakovleva and others. Suitable for family viewing. The dynamic play of the actors will leave a pleasant impression on the viewer.

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