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Today’s article is devoted to the explanation of the film The Fool directed by Yuri Bykov. You are probably interested in the meaning of the film The Fool and its ending, but first things first.

The film “Fool” by Yuri Bykov, dedicated to the memory of Alexei Balabanov, “failed” at the box office, for 3 weeks of showing in the cinema, the picture collected a very small amount. However, now, several years later, everyone has heard and knows about the film, and the vast majority have watched it. This is due to the fact that as soon as the film appeared in free access on the Internet, Russian viewers immediately showed extraordinary interest in it. As a result, The Fool even made it to the top 250 films from the KinoPoisk online community.

The plot and meaning of the film The Fool

In the center of the plot, a poor young plumber Dmitry Nikitin, who lives with his wife with his parents, the work brings little money, besides, Dmitry, in parallel with work, receives a higher education, which also has to be paid. This situation creates an unhealthy situation in the house: the wife and mother are constantly dissatisfied with men who think more about the public good, about others, but do not want to do anything for their family. At least this is how women see the situation, it seems to them that Dmitry could take advantage of his official position and bring home more money through illegal activities, but brought up by his father, a man with the most honest convictions in life, the young man does not even want to hear reproaches from his wife and moms.

During the next inspection of the house, which is in the statement of Dmitry, he discovers a terrible crack on the building of the hostel, which houses more than 800 people. Having some knowledge in the field of construction, Dmitry makes calculations at home and understands that in just a few hours the building will simply collapse, burying all the inhabitants of the house in the rubble. The man believes that he has no right to remain silent about this and let everything “through the sleeves”, through a friend of his mother, he finds out where the entire city administration is now. They celebrate the anniversary of the mayor of the city, everyone is on holidays – both the head of law enforcement agencies and the heads of the health and fire systems. Dmitry seeks an urgent meeting of all these people and finds the strength and arguments to prove that the residents of the house are in real danger, it is necessary to evacuate everyone who is in the building in order to save their lives.

The mayor understands that the state of the hostel is her personal mistake, she finds the strength to admit her guilt and decides to evacuate the residents, but everything turns out to be not so simple. Her deputy explains to her in private that he personally and many other wealthy people have invested a lot of money in a new residential complex where the mayor wants to move people from the hostel, which means that there is no place for these tenants there. The residential complex should pay off and bring big incomes, it is impossible to settle there unknown and useless people. As a result, a decision is made to simply shift the blame on the head of the housing and communal services system and on the head of the fire department, and in order not to start a fake case, they are simply called to evacuate people along with Nikitin and taken out of town to kill and report that they have fled.

Standing without jackets at gunpoint, officials understand that their whole life was lived wrong, they realize their guilt and ask their executioners to release the plumber along with his family. Nikitin gives his word that he will leave the city that very night and no one will ever hear about this story again. It would have been worth it to end this story, because it becomes clear to everyone around that “one man is not a warrior.” The young man simply does not have enough resources to fight the system that existed long before he was born and will live after him. His wife, Masha, is scared, his mother and even his father understand that this is the only chance to save Dmitry’s life, they all worry about him.

However, the young man does not see the strength in himself to simply forget about people who are not even aware of the danger that threatens them. And at this moment it is worth looking at the residents of the hostel, whom the principled plumber seeks to save there. These characters were precisely drawn by the director, the viewer got acquainted with several families from this house – drunkards live there, cruel husbands who arrange daily reprisals against their wives and children, teenagers who “hang out” in the entrance and are not interested in anything. And these marginal personalities, who do not even see the future and do not plan, Dmitry wants to save, perhaps at the cost of his life.

At the end of the film, the plumber dies, beaten by the people he wanted to save. The picture is rather ambiguous – on the one hand, of course, we all understand that the emergency situation arose due to the negligence of the city administration, which is only interested in profit; but on the other hand, we see people who do not need help. One can argue that they simply did not have the opportunity to get a different development of life, they were not lucky, but Dmitry comes running to save them, he leaves his wife on the way to life in order to evacuate the inhabitants of a collapsing house, and instead of gratitude, they beat him and going back to their business. Do people who don’t need help need help?

In general, the film has a sharp social focus and makes you think.

Write in the comments your meaning of the movie The Fool. We look forward to waiting!

Trailer of the film Fool – Yuri Bykov

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