The meaning of the film “The Boy from Our Cemetery”

Already from the title it is clear that the film “The Boy from Our Cemetery” is something original and non-standard. In the film, an ambitious and self-confident character is trying to track down a maniac who inspires fear and horror. But what hidden meaning should the viewer understand after reading an unusual film?

The meaning of the film “The Boy from Our Cemetery”

Ilya and Anton Chizhov presented the audience with a comedy mystical thriller. In rhinestones regarding the afterlife, the cemetery is nothing to be ashamed of. But the filmmakers showed anxiety and doubt from a different angle.

The main character decided to earn extra money. But he could not find an activity in his hometown that would meet his requirements. Therefore, Kolya went to Moscow. However, work in the capital is far from ideals and dreams. Kolya’s relative attached him to the cemetery. The place of work was on the very outskirts of the city. Now Kolya was to become not just a watchman, but a watchman at the cemetery.

Over time, the character learns that several guards have already left the dubious job in a hurry before him. But Kolya had nowhere to retreat. The hero had to pay off his debts. He also promised his beloved grandmother to help her with a new roof. The cemetery is not for the faint of heart. But that didn’t stop some visitors. This haunted place seemed to attract those who were “lost” in life.

The cemetery gates were almost always closed. But this was not an obstacle for those who wanted to get inside. Guard Kolya enthusiastically set about fulfilling the duties assigned to him. But very soon he realizes that everything is not so simple. Kolya runs into trouble again and again. The hero begins to clash with a local flower girl who goes around the graves in search of bouquets. The character’s head does not fit how one can invade the cemetery, pursuing such mercantile goals.

But Kolya also saw positive aspects in his non-standard work. The girl began to enter the cemetery. The hero began to show her signs of attention and see her off at night. Also, the character met two investigators who staged a real hunt for a maniac. Only the department knew nothing about their operation. But the security guard Kolya also joined the law enforcement officers. Who were they trying to find?

But one question haunted the hero. Why did previous guards run away from their jobs? Why didn’t anyone linger at the cemetery? Kolya gradually began to learn incredible details about his activities. Night visitors attracted particular attention. The meaning of the film “The Boy from Our Cemetery” is to introduce the viewer to a world that people are afraid to talk about. The cemetery is often a closed topic. But the filmmakers showed that there is no need to be afraid of her. The visitors to the cemetery are strange people who come to this place with a specific purpose.

The directors shot their film in the comedy genre. They tried to convey the thoughts of people, to tell about their actions. It’s not just people, locals. These are visitors to the cemetery who do not believe that by climbing over the fence, they enter some kind of closed area. Usually, these places, surrounded by pines, are not talked about. But the directors decided differently. A positive motion picture with elements of mysticism and thriller deserves the attention of the audience. You should not look for too deep meaning in it. With the help of the film, the directors helped the audience to better understand the life that is far from them.

The meaning of the finale of the film “The Boy from Our Cemetery”

Can unusual cemetery visitors be blamed? Each viewer must answer this question for himself. These people do not know how to live differently. They do not perceive the cemetery as something forbidden, mystical, mysterious. For them, this is an ordinary place that can be used for some purpose.

The film “The Boy from Our Cemetery” is filled with original jokes and a positive mood. Kolya is an ambitious young man who believes that he can change the world. However, it is unknowingly that the visitors to the cemetery do not want to change. They will continue to visit the cemetery. Neither the high fence nor the new guard will stop them. The meaning of the finale of the film “The Boy from Our Cemetery” is for the viewer to understand what different people surround us. We cannot know their true thoughts and fears. Each person builds his own happiness and chooses his life path.

Cowards have no place in security. This is the main idea of ​​the film “The Boy from Our Cemetery”. Security guards are not just people who must impeccably keep order. They must be prepared for the fact that they may meet people who are completely sure that they are right. They just don’t realize they’re doing something wrong. And do they break it? They have slightly different moral principles and frameworks. It’s hard to blame them for that.

“The Boy from Our Cemetery” is an interesting original film with its own history, original flavor and sincere characters. The audience will definitely appreciate the excellent acting and the script, which will give new emotions. A comedy mystical thriller is a real find for a sophisticated viewer.

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